Contract With America

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Gingrich Offers New 'Contract With America'

Newt updates his plan for 21st century

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich gained fame in the 1990s with his original Contract With America, and now he hopes to re-energize his humdrum poll numbers with a retooled version for the 21st century. Gingrich will unveil his new contract today, and the Des Moines Register says it mirrors the original with its... More »

GOP's 'Pledge' Written by Former Oil, Pharma Lobbyist

Boehner aide lobbied for AIG, Exxon, Pfizer, Chamber of Commerce

(Newser) - The new “ Pledge to America ” the GOP intends to unveil today, as a kind of sequel to the "Contract with America" of old, was written by a guy who was, until a few months ago, a lobbyist for insurance giant AIG, along with big oil and pharma... More »

Mark Souder: Class of '94's Latest Hypocrite

'Republican Revolution' beginning to look like horndog revolution

(Newser) - Mark Souder may be leaving Congress as a disgraced hypocrite, but hey, at least he ought to fit in at the Republican House Class of '94 reunion. He can hang out and talk sex with Mark Foley, or Mark Sanford, or John Ensign, or any of the whopping 15 Republican... More »

Hey, GOP: It's Time for Contract With America 2.0

Strong statement of principles could win more seats this year

(Newser) - Republicans will probably gain seats this year by doing nothing, Matt Lewis writes for Politics Daily . But if the GOP wants a real victory, it should take a page from Newt Gingrich’s playbook and come up with Contract with America, version 2.0, "a promise that if Republicans... More »

It Wasn’t Fred's Truck

Legend of Thompson as scrappy, itinerant candidate may be just that

(Newser) - Banish the legend of Fred Thompson as the down-home, Chevvy-driving election slayer, says a journalist who covered Thompson's 1994 Tennessee Senate race.  Much is made of his come-from-behind victory over Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper, who led  by 21 points nine months before Voting Day. But it's bogus, says Politico’... More »

5 Stories