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Witness: Guns Were OJ's Idea

Former golf buddy Alexander says Simpson told him to lie about being armed

(Newser) - A former OJ Simpson golfing buddy testified today that the football star told him to pack heat for September’s confrontation with sports-memorabilia dealers, and that Simpson shooed away concerns about the police. "This is going to be a robbery," Walter Alexander recalled thinking after Simpson allegedly told... More »

3rd Defendant in OJ Robbery Case Cops Plea

Alleged accomplice will testify Simpson asked him to bring 2 guns

(Newser) - A third man accused in the OJ Simpson robbery case agreed today to plead guilty to reduced charges and testify against Simpson and two others. Michael McClinton says he brought two guns to a Las Vegas hotel room at the Juice's request and acted like a cop while wielding one.... More »

Guns Were OJ's Idea, Says Crony

'Hey, just bring some firearms,' says OJ told him, 'so these people know we're here for business'

(Newser) - Bringing guns to to a confrontation with sports memorabilia dealers was OJ Simpson's idea, says a codefendant in the armed-robbery case who has agreed to testify against his former pal. "OJ said, 'Hey, just bring some firearms,' " Walter Alexander told police in a taped statement acquired by... More »

Friend Says Simpson Was Set Up

OJ really believed he was retrieving stolen property: co-defendant

(Newser) - The audiotape that surfaced yesterday of OJ Simpson’s alleged burglary was recorded by the same man who tipped Simpson off about his stolen property’s whereabouts, which has one Simpson friend and co-defendant crying foul. “It seemed like a setup to me,” Walter Alexander told "Good... More »

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