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Cops Plead for Help in Tracking Down $30K Worth of Veal

Meat was stolen in Toronto

(Newser) - Cops in Toronto are pleading with the public to help them solve a hefty Christmas Day heist. The Daily Meal reports on the theft of an "extremely large quantity" of veal, as it's worded in a police release . The meat (and the 48-foot refrigerated trailer it was being... More »

Don't Eat Baby Animals ... They Just Don't Taste Good

A veal-scarfing food writer offers an odd argument for passing on piglets

(Newser) - Josh Ozersky is a James Beard award-winning food writer, but he's no morality cop: In an essay for Time , he admits to eating our planet's wee creatures: "veal cutlets, suckling pigs, spring lambs, game hens." And he has come to terms with that. But he does... More »

Activists Win Battle in War on Factory Farms

New farms in Ohio won't use extreme caging

(Newser) - Ohio’s biggest farms have agreed to a series of new restrictions on how they confine their animals, hoping to prevent a potentially losing ballot standoff with the Humane Society and other animal rights groups. Under the deal, no new egg farms will be built using extreme caging methods, and... More »

Video Sting Shuts Down Cruel Slaughterhouse

Hidden camera catches calves being beaten, skinned alive

(Newser) - The Humane Society released more video yesterday from its hidden camera sting of Bushway Packing, after the USDA shut down the organic veal slaughterhouse on Friday. The footage, shot this summer, isn’t for the queasy; calves too weak to walk are dragged, kicked and shocked repeatedly, among other abuses.... More »

UK Veal Now Cool, Not Cruel

New farming standards make calf meat a newly ethical food

(Newser) - Veal is the new guilt-free meat in Britain, and everyone from top chefs to farmers and animal activists is pushing consumers to eat up. Anti-cruelty groups largely eliminated veal from the UK diet in the '90s, and as a result, dairy farmers slaughter half a million male calves and export... More »

Enjoy the Veal, Hold the Guilt

Pasture-fed calves take the bitter taste out of a tender meat

(Newser) - Veal is back, says the Times, thanks to humane ranching methods. You're still eating baby cows, of course, but the tiny crates that once confined them—provoking a 20-year-long boycott—are giving way to to open pastures where they hang with mom. Or at least pens where they walk around... More »

6 Stories