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Hot Mic Catches Senators on 'Crazy' Trump, 'Huge' Lawmaker

'He's so unattractive it's unbelievable'

(Newser) - "I don't mean to be unkind, but he's so unattractive it's unbelievable," Republican Sen. Susan Collins said Tuesday. Collins was caught on a hot mic discussing Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold after a Senate subcommittee hearing. Last week, Farenthold blamed "female senators" for defeating the... More »

Senate Bigwigs: Russia Hack 'Should Alarm Every American'

Bipartisan group demands investigation, says CIA report 'cannot become a partisan issue'

(Newser) - Two prominent Republicans and two prominent Democrats wasted little time in demanding a bipartisan investigation into the CIA's claim that Russian hackers worked to throw the 2016 election Donald Trump's way, reports Politico . "Democrats and Republicans must work together, and across the jurisdictional lines of the Congress,... More »

Next Pentagon Chief Could Be a Woman

Michèle Flournoy has been the department's highest-ranking woman

(Newser) - Following Chuck Hagel's exit as defense secretary, the obvious question is who might replace him. One leading possibility: former undersecretary of defense for policy Michèle Flournoy—the defense department's highest-ranking woman ever, ABC News reports. She stepped down in 2012 and now heads a nonpartisan national security... More »

Graham: I'll Block Brennan, Hagel Over Benghazi

Wants White House to 'fess up on what happened

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham says he's ready to block the confirmations of both Chuck Hagel and John Brennan if President Obama isn't a little more forthcoming with what he knows about the Benghazi consulate attack. "No confirmation without information," he said today, adding that the confirmations shouldn't... More »

Senate Puts Pressure on House to Pass Bailout

New bill will cost even more

(Newser) - By resoundingly passing its version of the bailout bill, the Senate has ratcheted up the pressure on House leaders to go along with the plan, the Swamp reports. “We’re going to fix the problem this week,” promised Mitch McConnell. The new bill more than doubles the FDIC... More »

Bailout Needs Bigger Taxpayer Upside

Public should expect some reward for taking on Wall Street's bad debt

(Newser) - The impending bailout of beleaguered Wall Street behemoths should give the taxpaying public some protection and accountability, writes EJ Dionne Jr. in the Washington Post. The deal should allow the government to claim a stake in financial firms that make money from the bailout, giving taxpayers the chance to reap... More »

Obama Arrives in Iraq

Candidate to meet with commanders and troops on third leg of world tour

(Newser) - Barack Obama landed in Basra today and headed to Baghdad for the latest leg of his world tour, the Washington Post reports. The candidate, who made a brief stop in Kuwait last night after 2 days in Afghanistan, will meet with US commanders and Iraqi officials and speak with US... More »

Obama Meets Afghan Leaders, Reiterates Support

Says he's interested in listening, not talking

(Newser) - Barack Obama met today with officials from one of Afghanistan’s most hard-fought regions, the AP reports, and re-iterated his commitment to intensifying US efforts there if elected president. Together with Chuck Hagel and Jack Reed, Obama visited Jalalabad Air Field in Nangarhar province. Nangarhar lies next to the Pakistani... More »

Obama to Meet With Abbas During Mideast Swing

Dem to meet Palestinian president in Ramallah

(Newser) - Barack Obama will visit Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank next week, a top Palestinian official said today. The Ramallah meeting with the president of the Palestinian Authority will happen on July 23, CNN reports. Details on the international trip have been guarded, but the Times of London says Obama... More »

Obama's Iraq Stance Sparks Sunday Battle

McCain backers say he's retreating from pullout plan

(Newser) - Senatorial supporters of Barack Obama and John McCain dueled on talk shows today over Obama's latest remarks on Iraq, Politico reports. Sen. Joe Lieberman called Obama a flip-flopper on This Week for his plan to "refine" Iraq pullout plans. On Face the Nation, Sen. John Kerry accused McCain backers... More »

Obama's VP Search Fields a General

James Jones, retired NATO honcho, surfaces in Hill talks

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s VP selection team had a busy couple of days on Capitol Hill, talking up possible running mates with legislators. A new name in the mix is that of retired Gen. James Jones, MSNBC reports. Joe Biden and Ohio governor Ted Strickland also came under scrutiny; Bill Richardson,... More »

Troop Withdrawal Timetable Fails in Senate

Anti-war Dems have had a bad week

(Newser) - Antiwar Democrats continued their losing streak today as a Senate measure to set a timetable for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq didn't get enough support to keep it alive. The vote on the amendment to a defense authorization bill, which would have mandated a drawdown to begin in 120... More »

Bush Vows Modest Pullback in Wake of 'Success'

'Endless military presence' slammed by Dems

(Newser) - President Bush announced that 24,000 troops will return home by July 2008 in an address to the nation in which he touted advancements in Iraq. He termed the reduction "a return on success" that could be squandered by larger withdrawals. Troops could still be added, however, so the... More »

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