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Mnuchin: Jet Request Was All About National Security

And he says as a New Yorker, he didn't care about eclipse

(Newser) - Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday his request for use of a government plane for his European honeymoon earlier this summer was about national security and not his own personal convenience. Mnuchin said as a member of the president's National Security Council, he needed a secure communications link with... More »

Why Mice Are Nature's Jet Engines

The tiny animals use a very rare method to sing high-pitched songs

(Newser) - Wondering what animal might have the most in common with a jet engine? Prepare to be surprised. Elena Mahrt, author of a study published Monday in Current Biology , says mice sing ultrasonic songs using a method "never found before in any animal," according to a press release . It... More »

Cat Missing for 5 Years Is Going Home

Hemi may take plane ride from N. Carolina to be reunited with family in N. Dakota

(Newser) - A cat that went missing from its military family has been found four years later, and now he's prepping for a possible plane ride home to be reunited. Hemi—so named because owners Jennifer and Robert Connell first found him under their car hood in 2009—disappeared in 2011... More »

Gulfstream Readies Long-Secret Jet

Company still keeping quiet about P42 project

(Newser) - There have been murmurs of the existence of Gulfstream's upcoming business jet for years, but not until tomorrow will the world finally get to see it. The company is set to show off the project—currently called P42, but due for a name change—tomorrow in Savannah, Ga., the... More »

3 Feared Dead in Navy Jet Crash

Sheriff tells local media that no one survived

(Newser) - A Navy warplane crashed in rural Washington state this morning during a training mission and may have killed all three people on board, the Spokesman Review reports. The Navy hasn't confirmed the fatalities, but a sheriff said no one survived, and the manager of a nearby airport said it... More »

Kill Geese to Protect Jets: Sen. Gillibrand

Birds involved in pair of air emergencies this week

(Newser) - Jets' collisions with birds have caused two emergency landings in New York in the past week , and geese in the engine prompted the near-disaster before the miracle landing on the Hudson in 2009 . Now, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says it's time to let wildlife officials cull the goose population near... More »

US Navy Jet Crashes in Virginia

Pilots reportedly dump fuel, eject before impact

(Newser) - Two Navy pilots ejected from a fighter jet today, sending the unmanned plane careening into a Virginia Beach apartment complex and tearing the roof off at least one building that was engulfed in flames, officials said. Six people, including both pilots, were taken to hospitals, officials said. The Navy said... More »

Haley Barbour Takes Heat for Posh Jet Trips

State shells out as governor 'mixes business with pleasure'

(Newser) - Haley Barbour jets around on a classy Mississippi state jet—but not all the governor’s trips look like state business, Politico finds. He also uses the 12-seater Cessna, funded largely by tax dollars, to attend fundraisers for other Republicans, to appear on Meet the Press and Face the Nation ... More »

Hijacker of Canadian Jet Surrenders

(Newser) - The hijacker of a Canadian jet demanding to fly from Jamaica to Cuba has freed the six crewmembers he was holding and surrendered, reports the BBC. The man, whom authorities described as "mentally challenged," appeared to check in normally last night, then forced his way aboard the CanJet... More »

Jet Tail Hits Australian Runway on Takeoff

Passengers terrified, but no one hurt in Emirates plane's Melbourne liftoff

(Newser) - The tail of an Emirates jetliner carrying more than 225 people slammed into the runway as it took off from Melbourne, Australia, last night, sending smoke into the cabin and forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. No one was hurt, but passengers described being terrified after learning something... More »

Jumbo Hostel: In This Plane, It's Safe to Crash

Swede converts jumbo jet into hostel

(Newser) - Once, jumbo jets were simply a way from point A to point B—but a new Swedish hostel makes a grounded plane a destination in itself, Wired reports. The 25-room, 85-bed Jumbo Hostel, situated by the Stockholm airport, opens next week. For $45, you can stay in a dorm; if... More »

Companies Fly to Unload Private Planes

Putting jets on block may be more about image than money

(Newser) - The business-jet industry couldn’t have asked for worse PR than members of Congress ripping auto executives for traveling by company plane to beg for taxpayer money. By the time the Big Three execs returned—by hybrid car—to Washington, the corporate jet was a symbol of bloated corporate excess,... More »

Madoff Was Livin' Large in Lap of Luxury

High-roller owns yacht, jets, and properties up and down East Coast

(Newser) - If disgraced money-man Bernard Madoff felt any guilt about his Ponzi-scheme hedge fund, you'd never know it. Now that he's under house arrest, his "lifestyle of the rich and infamous" is somewhat limited, but in a fitting tribute to a man who just fleeced investors of $50 billion, CNN... More »

US Fighter Jets Ordered to Shoot Down UFO

Aircraft carrier-sized ship darted off; pilot ordered to keep silent

(Newser) - US fighter jets were ordered to shoot down a UFO over England during the Cold War, newly released files reveal. What appeared to be a massive "aircraft carrier" in the sky hovered before darting off undamaged, said one of the military pilots, who was later threatened by a well-dressed... More »

City Covered Up Yeager's Fabled Bridge Stunt

Press, public kept mum about '48 flight under city bridge

(Newser) - When local son Chuck Yeager flew his jet under a Charleston bridge in 1948, there was no advance warning—and no official record of it afterward. The rebellious fighter pilot was scheduled to buzz a boat race, but no one expected him to do it from 6 feet above the... More »

Airbus, Boeing Hindered by Wait for Seats, Toilets

Overwhelmed small suppliers struggle to produce equipment on time

(Newser) - Production delays are plaguing Airbus and Boeing as the airplane manufacturers wait for simple supplies such as seats, toilets, and gallies for their new widebody jets, the Wall Street Journal reports. Small firms charged with making such supplies have been slowed as demand has soared. The interrupted production means higher... More »

Hole in Qantas Jet Forces Emergency Landing

Gap ripped in fuselage after mystery bang

(Newser) - A Qantas flight en route to Australia from London made an emergency landing in Manila today after a mysterious bang punched a 9-foot-wide hole in the fuselage and sent the Boeing 747-400 plunging thousands of feet. There were no injuries but some of the 350 passengers and crew vomited, AP... More »

Boeing Moves to Speed 787 Production

Buys pre-assembly plant that caused serious delays

(Newser) - Seeking to stem mounting delays in the production of its breakthrough 787 jetliner, Boeing is getting more involved in the early steps of the assembly process, the Chicago Tribune reports. Boeing said yesterday it will buy out a partner's share of a South Carolina plant that assembles two rear sections... More »

Virgin Tests First Biofuel Plane

Jet flies on coconuts and babassu nuts

(Newser) - A Virgin Atlantic jet powered partially by a coconut- and Brazilian babassu nut-based biofuel made it from London to Amsterdam today in the first commercial flight to do so, the BBC reports. Virgin topdog Richard Branson hailed the flight as "pioneering" in the development of "fuels of the... More »

Thompson Co-Chair Quits Over Crooked Past

Cocaine, bookmaking and other charges fell Thompson's longtime friend

(Newser) - Old drug and bookmaking charges felled a co-chair of Fred Thompson’s presidential bid today, the AP reports. Philip Martin stepped down as head of Thompson’s fundraising group after his criminal record surfaced, including charges of conspiracy and cocaine trafficking in the 1970s and '80s. “I deeply regret... More »

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