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Matt Lauer's Clinton-Trump Forums: He 'Totally Blew It'

Critics call 'Today' host's interviews with Trump, Clinton 'pathetic,' sexist

(Newser) - If you weren't sure what all the tweets this morning with the #LaueringTheBar hashtag were all about, you may not have seen NBC's "Commander-in-Chief" military forum Wednesday night with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, helmed by Today Show host Matt Lauer. Critics say that during the hourlong... More »

1M Android Forum Users' Data Hacked

Yahoo attack also hit Gmail, Hotmail, AOL

(Newser) - Another major security breach has emerged a day after news of a Yahoo hack targeting 450,000 users, this time at an online forum for Android users. Hackers snagged user IDs, email addresses, passwords, and more in an attack on Android Forums' more than 1 million users, ZDNet reports. An... More »

Docs Turn to 'Gag Orders' to Choke Bad Web Reviews

(Newser) - An explosion of online forums for the discussion and rating of physicians has doctors fighting back, the Washington Post reports. Afraid of negative—perhaps spurious—reviews on the Web, some MDs are denying care unless a patient signs a non-disclosure agreement. Though opponents call the agreements “illegal, unenforceable, and... More »

White House Health Forum Convenes Today

Forum will give the floor to ranging viewpoints

(Newser) - President Barack Obama has invited to the White House more than 120 people with wide-ranging views on how to fix the US health-care system, one that still leaves millions uninsured despite being the world's costliest. The group of doctors, patients, business owners, and insurers is to gather for a forum... More »

Google Unearths 3D Ancient Rome

Users can surf city streets of 320 AD

(Newser) - Google Earth is providing users the opportunity to surf the streets of Ancient Rome via a 3D virtual reconstruction of the city as it was in the 4th century. Users can "enter" the Forum, stand in the sands of the Colosseum, or swoop over any of 6,700 buildings... More »

Car Owner's Cyber Posse Nails Canadian Thief

Owner alerts car lovers to theft of rare Nissan on forum

(Newser) - A car thief in Calgary didn't count on rising to internet fame when he stole a rare Nissan Skyline GTR from a dealer, the New York Times reports. The owner posted a picture of the vehicle on an internet car lovers' forum and before long, his fellow forum members had... More »

Police Who Tasered Student Placed on Leave

University prez calls incident at political forum 'regretful'

(Newser) - Two University of Florida police officers who used a stun gun on a 21-year-old student at a campus forum with John Kerry have been placed on paid leave pending an investigation, CNN reports. Disturbing video of the incident, in which the student pleaded with police not to taser him, has... More »

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