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Amazon Tribespeople Said to Have Been 'Massacred' in Brazil

Gold miners are suspected in the killings

(Newser) - Prosecutors in Brazil are investigating a "massacre" of several members of an uncontacted Amazon tribe. It appears about 10 members of the tribe were out gathering eggs last month when they encountered gold miners by a river in the remote Javari Valley, the New York Times reports. The victims... More »

New Photos Show Endangered Amazon Tribe

Miners are getting too close to Yanomami, say activists

(Newser) - New photos have emerged of a tribe deep in the Amazon that shuns contact with the modern world, and the photos bring a mix of good and bad news. On the hopeful side, the aerial images show that the small Yanomami community near the border of Brazil and Venezuela seems... More »

Brazil Finds New Tribe in Amazon

These 200 people have had no contact with outside world

(Newser) - A never-before-seen indigenous tribe living in the Amazon rainforest has been revealed by aerial photographs, the latest such tribe to be discovered in the wilds of Brazil. The group, believed to contain about 200 people, has never had any contact with the outside world, the Telegraph reports. The settlement, which... More »

UN Calls Aussie Aboriginal Policies Racist

(Newser) - Australia’s interventions in remote Aboriginal communities “overtly discriminate” against them, and prove that entrenched racism remains in Australia, a UN official said today. In 2007, Australia sent police and troops to aboriginal lands, and instituted special bans on alcohol and pornography. These measures "infringe their right of... More »

Mum's Almost The Word for Endangered Languages

Native American speech among vanishing

(Newser) - A language dies about every two weeks and thousands are at risk, warned linguists, who yesterday identified five global hotspots where languages are most endangered. Several native American languages are dying out in the Southwest and regions including British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Indigenous communication is also vanishing in rural... More »

5 Stories