Antoine Ghanem

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Despite Assassination, Lebanon Will Hold Elections

Defiant government says it won't retreat

(Newser) - As the country mourns yesterday's death of anti-Syrian politician Antoine Ghanem, Lebanon's government is determined to hold presidential elections as scheduled next week, the BBC reports. "The hand of terror will not win," Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said today. "The Lebanese will … have a new president... More »

Car Bomb Kills Lawmaker in Lebanon

Anti-Syrian MP among victims of massive pre-election blast

(Newser) - Anti-Syrian lawmaker Antoine Ghanem was one of at least seven people killed by a car bomb in Beirut today, just days before Lebanon’s parliament is set to select a successor to pro-Syrian president Emile Lahoud. Ghanem was a member of an anti-Syrian governing coalition, which has been locked in... More »

2 Stories