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US Olympic 'Go USA' Mittens Made In China

USOC says it wanted affordable option

(Newser) - Looks like there are some short memories on the US Olympic Committee: Not much more than a year after news that Team USA uniforms were made in China had lawmakers like Harry Reid suggesting they be torched in a bonfire , the USOC is raising money by selling mittens that say... More »

Team USA Uniforms to Be Made in USA —Next Time

Designer Ralph Lauren announces switch for 2014

(Newser) - The long, sartorial nightmare is nearly over. The US Olympic team will wear uniforms made in the US-of-A starting with the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, reports the AP . Ralph Lauren, who designs the team's outfits, announced the change yesterday. It's too late to change them this... More »

Lawmakers Slam Team USA's Made in China Uniforms

Harry Reid wants to burn them all

(Newser) - News that the uniforms Team USA will wear at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics were made in China has united lawmakers from both parties for some made-in-the USA outrage. The athletes "represent the very best and they’re so excellent," Nancy Pelosi said. "And they... More »

Team USA Uniforms Made ... in China

And they weren't even cheap

(Newser) - The Team USA uniforms for this summer's London Olympics are quite patriotic, with one tiny exception: They were made in China. The red, white, and blue uniforms, designed by Ralph Lauren, will be worn by US athletes at the opening ceremony. ABC News was shocked to discover "Made... More »

McCain Goofs on iPhone's Origins

He claims iPads, iPhones 'built in the USA,' but his rep says he knows better

(Newser) - Sen. John McCain slipped up yesterday on This Week when he claimed that iPads and iPhones are built in the good old US of A. McCain was talking about the importance of free trade agreements when he made the error, noting that “it's obviously a recognition of the reality... More »

China OKs US Health Inspections

Beijing renews objections to 'hyped' product safety concerns

(Newser) - China will allow US health inspectors to monitor the country’s food and drug exports, the Washington Post reports, a big concession in heated high-level trade talks. China accuses the US media of tarnishing its reputation by overblowing safety concerns, and has in turn questioned US exports. China is the... More »

Calif. Sues Toy Firms Over Lead

State attorney general's action targets Mattel, other toy companies

(Newser) - California filed suit yesterday against Mattel, Toys R Us, and 18 other companies, accusing them of making or selling products that contain "unlawful quantities of lead," reports the LA Times. The suit, which follows major recalls of toys during the last year, aims to force manufacturers and retailers... More »

Web Biz Alibaba Launching Record IPO in China

Operation links buyers to Chinese manufacturers

(Newser) - Alibaba, the business-to-business service that links small and mid-sized Chinese manufacturers to customers around the world, is expected today to announce what will likely be the biggest Internet IPO  in Chinese history. Analysts expect the world's most-visited import/export site to pull in an estimated $1.3 billion from Hong Kong... More »

China Launches Press Tours to Boost Product Image

In wake of tainted goods, official urges: 'Believe in us'

(Newser) - With the label "made in China" now carrying particularly negative associations in the wake of tainted products, the Chinese government is on a public relations offensive to convince the world its goods are safe. Journalists have been shown around gleaming drug factories on carefully choreographed tours, reports Reuters. Polls... More »

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