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Soccer Fan Tricks Wife, Names Baby After Team

Wife says she found out true inspiration two years later

(Newser) - The fact that a soccer fan named his daughter after his favorite team is maybe not so exceptional. The fact that he managed to hide the inspiration from his wife for two years is. Clare Smith of New South Wales, Australia, wrote to a magazine to confess that she thought... More »

30K Twitterers Defy UK Gag Order

British newspapers call situation 'farcical'

(Newser) - Some 30,000 people—and climbing—have tweeted the identity of a soccer player in Britain who, looking to hush up rumors that he had an affair, got a gag order to prevent the media from revealing his name—meaning those Twitterers may now be in breach. It's an... More »

Soccer Star Gets 2-Game Boot for On-Air Swear

Wayne Rooney getting 2-match ban for sweary goal celebration

(Newser) - British soccer ace Wayne Rooney is facing a two-game ban for cursing heard 'round the world. The Manchester United striker swore directly at a TV camera after completing a hat-trick against West Ham over the weekend and is now expected to miss the upcoming FA Cup clash with arch-rivals Manchester... More »

Brit Soccer Stars Refuse to Be in Anti-Homophobia Ad

Campaign shelved after pros won't play ball

(Newser) - British soccer authorities were forced to shift gears on its plans for an anti-homophobia ad campaign starring top players after the athletes refused to take part. The players and their agents feared that their involvement in a video addressing gay prejudice would lead to ridicule from fans, sources tell the... More »

Soccer Stars Told to Quit Spitting

Health officials fear they'll spread flu, kids will imitate them

(Newser) - British health officials are scolding Premier League footballers for spitting on the pitch. With swine flu outbreaks already confirmed at Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers, the HPA fears players' rampant habit of spitting could spread the disease. “It's unhygienic and unhealthy,” says an HPA spokesman. “Footballers, like... More »

Days May Be Numbered For ESPN Classic

Rumor has channel evolving into a soccer-heavy ESPN3

(Newser) - ESPN has been hyping its coverage of Wednesday's European Champions League final, and the reason might be a soccer fan's dream come true, writes AOL Sports blogger David Warner. An ESPN columnist repeated rumors that the company might be planning to scrap its Classic channel in favor of a new... More »

Chelsea Loses Fiery Coach

Eccentric, talented Maurinho leaves in spat with owner after two titles in three years

(Newser) - Chelsea's talented and bizarre coach, Jose Mourinho, has departed his team after a new flare-up of old grievances with owner Roman Abramovich. In his short and brilliant tenure, Mourinho delivered on a promise to end Chelsea's 50-year title drought, winning the Premier League in 2005 and 2006. A lack of... More »

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