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Huey Lewis Loses Most of His Hearing, Cancels Shows

Musician says he has Meniere's disease but hopes to improve

(Newser) - Huey Lewis has had to cancel the rest of his tour dates in 2018 for one of the worst of reasons as a musician: He's nearly deaf. In a statement , the singer says he "lost most of my hearing" a few months ago before a show in Dallas,... More »

Musician's Landmark Win: Orchestra Ruined My Hearing

Viola player sues Royal Opera House over too-loud rehearsal of Wagner

(Newser) - A viola player in Britain has won an unusual legal case against the Royal Opera House seen as groundbreaking in the music industry. Chris Goldscheider says he got blasted so loudly by the brass section during a 2012 rehearsal that it permanently wrecked his hearing and ended his music career,... More »

Eric Clapton: 'It's Amazing I'm Still Here'

Rock legend says he'll keep playing gigs, despite hearing loss and hurting hands

(Newser) - Eric Clapton says he'll keep doing live concerts this year, though he admits it's become increasingly challenging. One, because nerve damage has given him back trouble and made it hard for his hands to work their magic on his guitar strings, he told BBC Radio 2's Steve... More »

These Fish Are So Loud While Getting It On It's Deafening

Racket of mating Gulf corvina is so loud it could damage hearing of dolphins, say researchers

(Newser) - A type of Mexican fish heads every spring to the Gulf of California to spawn—and their "reproductive orgies," as the AFP puts it, are so loud they can damage hearing in other marine life. A pair of studies from the same researchers, one published in June in... More »

'Pink Noise' Could Save Your Hearing in Car Crash

Mercedes-Benz has been working on this tech for years

(Newser) - A coming safety feature for cars aims to protect drivers and passengers in a novel way: to save their hearing in a crash. The idea is that when a smartcar senses an imminent collision, the sound system sends out a burst of "pink noise" inside the car. That causes... More »

Kids' Headphones Often Don't Deliver Promised Protection

Website finds trouble with half of 30 tested

(Newser) - If you're on the hunt for children's headphones—so-called because they limit the volume of sound that they emit to protect children's ears—experts are issuing a stern warning: They're not necessarily safe, even if they purport to be. The Wirecutter , a product recommendations site, has... More »

Tulsa Cop Had Odd 'Distortion' Before Shooting: Lawyer

Attorney says Betty Shelby went temporarily deaf before shooting Terence Crutcher

(Newser) - Betty Shelby's defense team tried (and failed) to get her a special early arraignment Thursday for the shooting death of unarmed black man Terence Crutcher , hoping to avoid the "utter chaos" of the media covering the high-profile case, the Tulsa World reports. Now Shelby is set to head... More »

Weird Study Says You Shouldn't Drink Coffee After a Concert

It could slow your ears' healing: scientists

(Newser) - Scientists who were apparently in desperate need of a research topic have a tip for concert-goers: Don't drink coffee for a while afterward. Based on their new study , it could hurt your hearing. How does one go about studying such a thing? Well, scientists at the McGill University Auditory... More »

Firefighters Who Lost Their Hearing Sue Siren Maker

They say company didn't do enough to protect them

(Newser) - Around 4,400 current and former firefighters nationwide are suing Federal Signal Corp., an Illinois-based company that makes sirens, claiming it didn't do enough to make them safer for those on firetrucks who have to listen to them nearly every day. They say the company could have designed them... More »

Singer Discovers Tiny Spider in Her Ear

Katie Melua had unwittingly hosted critter for a week

(Newser) - Georgian-British singer Katie Melua went to the doctor complaining of a repetitive shuffling noise in her ear and worried there was something wrong with her hearing. Closer inspection revealed she'd been housing a tiny spider for a week—likely having come from a pair of earbuds she likes to... More »

'Sleep Machines' Can Harm Babies' Hearing

Parents may not want to use them at top volume: researchers

(Newser) - If you bought a "sleep machine" that makes soothing sounds in an effort to help your baby slumber, be careful: At top volume, such machines can actually hurt infants' hearing, researchers say. Sleep machines, which often emit nature sounds or white noise and sometimes come inside stuffed animals, are... More »

Pop a Viagra and ... Go Deaf?

Studies suggest danger in anti-impotence medicines

(Newser) - Could Viagra make you, ahem, hard of hearing? Researchers are uncovering evidence that it and other anti-impotence drugs may do just that. The FDA has been warning about possible hearing complications associated with anti-impotence medicine since 2007, but two new reports are raising concerns. UK researchers who surveyed drug watchdogs... More »

Many Beached Dolphins Are Deaf

Hearing loss can cause dolphins to get lost, go hungry

(Newser) - In an undersea world where hearing is as valuable—sometimes more valuable—than sight, being deaf can be a death sentence. New research finds that many dolphins stranded near shore have hearing loss, and researchers theorize that loss could explain why they're beached. Without the ability to hear, dolphins can't... More »

'Time Traveler' Likely Using Hearing Aid

Rumors of cell-phone use in 1928 film off-base, say experts

(Newser) - A clip of what appears to be a woman chatting on a cell phone—in 1928—has made waves across the Internet, but experts say she’s probably just using a hearing aid. The filmmaker who presented the clip ruled out such a device because of its shape, but... More »

1 in 5 Teens Has Hearing Loss

Are earbuds to blame?

(Newser) - Oh no, mom was right: It looks like those always-blaring headphones actually are hurting our ears. A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that one in five American teens now suffer some form of hearing loss, a 31% rise since researchers studied the phenomenon... More »

Your Skin Can Help You Hear, Study Finds

Subjects identify sounds better when paired with touch

(Newser) - What you feel can influence what you hear, a new study suggests. People were better able to identify aspirated sounds—those requiring a puff of air, like “pa” or “ta”—when the sound was paired with a puff of air on the back of the hand or... More »

College Kids' iPod Volume Hurts Hearing

Most subjects in study set volume to damaging level

(Newser) - Most young people listen to their iPods at levels that will damage hearing over time, a new study shows. Researchers measured the output of an iPod while college-age students listened to music in a lab setting, and they found 55% of the subjects set the volume higher than 85 decibels—... More »

Say What? Convertibles Harm Hearing

Noise can reach damaging 90 decibels at 50 mph

(Newser) - Tearing down the road in a convertible with the wind whipping at your ears exacts the same kind of hearing damage as listening to a pile driver, scientists warn. Noise from the engine, road, traffic and wind can be as high as 90 decibels at speeds of 50 mph and... More »

Jamming to the iPod Is Making Us Deaf

A generation of adults will suffer hearing loss well ahead of its time

(Newser) - The popularity of iPods and similar devices may leave a generation of adults with impaired hearing decades ahead of their time, the Boston Globe reports. Sensory cells in the ear can only take so much bombardment, and frequent, pulsing music causes irreparable damage. New research also shows that boys often... More »

Stem Cells Could Cure Deafness

Researchers believe breakthrough will help reverse hearing loss

(Newser) - Stem cell researchers have made a breakthrough they believe could someday cure deafness, the Times of London reports. The British team, working with stem cells from the inner ear, have successfully grown early versions of the cells that enable hearing and now aim to create functional cells that can be... More »

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