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Plight of the New MBA: Fewer Jobs, Lesser Pay

Having degree no longer gets you into 'exclusive club'

(Newser) - If you ditched your law school dreams and took the MBA route instead in the hope of actually finding a well-paying job upon graduation, the Wall Street Journal has some really depressing news for you. The paper today takes a look at the plight of recent MBAs, who are emerging... More »

New on Facebook: an MBA

London school offers degree via social networking site

(Newser) - Too busy playing Farmville to study? Now you can do both, and never leave Facebook. That's because a British school is offering a complete Masters of Business Administration course of study ... that can be done on Facebook. The new Facebook application for the "Global MBA" offered by the London... More »

US Business School Grads Seek Work Abroad

Overseas opportunities lure MBAs away from Wall Street

(Newser) - Exports of American business school graduates are soaring as the recession turns grads away from the traditional path to Wall Street. Taking a post abroad generally means a lower salary, but grads from some of the country's top business schools say the career boost from working in thriving foreign economies... More »

Business Grads Promise a More Ethical Future

MBA Class of '09 pledges to remember that greed isn't good

(Newser) - The next generation of business school grads may change the face of finance for the better, the New York Times reports. MBA programs across the country are seeing an explosion of interest in ethics courses, and at Harvard Business School a full 20% of this year's grads have signed a... More »

It's Bad: NYC Cabbie With MBA Posts Résumé in Taxi

La Salle grad drives taxi while awaiting dream job

(Newser) - A recent MBA grad who can’t find a job does have a captive audience: his taxi passengers. After four months of job hunting, James Williamson got his taxi license and posted his résumé in his New York City cab. There aren’t any offers yet, but the 25-year-old... More »

MGM Mirage Chief Quits Amid Fake MBA Flap

Lanni denies sudden resignation related to degree fib

(Newser) - The CEO of MGM Mirage has announced his resignation, but denied it had anything to do with lying about having an MBA, reports the Wall Street Journal. J. Terence Lanni, one of the most powerful figures in the gambling world, has long claimed to have an MBA from the University... More »

Wanted: Museum Director to Marry Art, Commerce

Unique job description complicates search for Guggenheim, Met, others

(Newser) - American museums are facing a shift in leadership, Newsweek reports, with 20 of the most prominent fine-art institutions—including New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and Guggenheim Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art—in search of directors. A "generational shift" has left institutions seeking specific qualifications: "Ideally... More »

Recruiters Pick Top 10 Biz Schools

WSJ 's annual rankings come up with some surprising choices

(Newser) - Ivy Leaguers and Mormons round out this year's eclectic list of top MBA programs.  To come up with the rankings WSJ and Harris Interactive asked 4,430 recruiters to rank M.B.A. programs on 21 attributes, including leadership potential, and communication skills.  National Rankings:
  1. Dartmouth College (Tuck)
... More »

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