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Witness: Truck on Fire Before Hitting Bus

Driver of sedan says flames were visible as driver crossed median

(Newser) - A woman who had what may be the best view of a FedEx truck before it smashed into a bus insists on a jarring detail—the truck was already on fire before the accident. "It was in flames as it came through the median," Bonnie Duran tells KNBC-TV... More »

Missing Identical Twin Among Bus Fatalities

Her sister was on a different bus to Humboldt State

(Newser) - Marisol and Marisa Serrato were identical 17-year-old twins who rarely spent time apart and planned to attend college together. That's why the two of them skipped their prom to join a group visiting Humboldt State University this week, reports NBC News . Marisol's bus arrived at the school without... More »

Newly Engaged Couple Among Bus Crash Victims

Investigators say it could take months to figure out what happened

(Newser) - Authorities still don't know what caused a FedEx truck to smash into a tour bus yesterday on a California highway, but they cautioned that the investigation could take six months, reports the Sacramento Bee . The death toll remains at 10, including five high school students who were on their... More »

Woman: FedEx Lost My Cancer Sample

Marlene Van Duyne says she'll sue FedEx over missing shipment

(Newser) - As far as important packages go, this one is pretty high up there: After doctors found a tumor in Marline Van Duyne's right breast earlier this year, she chose to have a double mastectomy in Utah and was to start chemotherapy a month later—if her sample showed she... More »

UPS, FedEx Ruined Some Christmases

Companies apologize after getting swamped by online rush

(Newser) - When it comes to delivering gifts, UPS and FedEx were lousy excuses for Santa this year. Both carriers suffered widespread delays that left many customers leaving IOUs under the tree, NBC News reports. Both companies explained that they'd simply underestimated the flood of online shopping orders coming their way—... More »

FedEx Fires Worker Filmed Chucking Boxes

She got caught tossing them and laughing

(Newser) - FedEx is getting pretty fast at responding to viral videos of its drivers doing not so noble things. The new one that made the rounds today shows a female driver in New York City tossing boxes carelessly into the back of her truck and laughing about it, notes Gothamist . The... More »

Woman: FedEx Gave Drug Dealer My Address

Says he came looking for marijuana delivery

(Newser) - A Massachusetts woman is suing FedEx, saying the company erroneously sent her a package containing seven pounds of marijuana ... and then gave her address to the intended recipients, who later showed up at her door. Maryangela Tobin of Plymouth says in the suit filed Feb. 12 that the company violated... More »

What Santa Needs for Christmas: 12M Elves

Distribution experts work out what massive delivery program requires

(Newser) - What happens when the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas meets the cold reality of modern supply chains and logistics? You get a massive distribution network that requires 12 million employees, some 40 times bigger than FedEx, reports NPR . NPR asked experts at FedEx and UPS how Santa might pull... More »

UPS Guy Caught Taking iPad From Doorstep

It had been delivered earlier, by FedEx

(Newser) - A UPS deliveryman is out of a job and charged with theft after a homeowner's video showed him taking a previously delivered iPad, reports KHOU-TV of Houston. FedEx dropped off the package in the morning and notified the family of delivery. When it was nowhere to be found, dad... More »

FedEx Overcharged, Despite Worker Who Complained

Lawsuit accuses company of charging business customers unlawful fee

(Newser) - FedEx is being sued for allegedly overcharging business customers, and newly unsealed internal emails reveal that at least one employee suspected the problem and accused the company of taking "no action" to fix it. The 2011 emails from sales executive Alan Elam, which FedEx wanted to keep confidential, include... More »

Driver Sues FedEx, Says Was Fired for Russian Accent

Ex-trucker says company discriminated, didn't give him chance to prove his English

(Newser) - A Utah truck driver alleges FedEx fired him because of his Russian accent, even though he offered to appear before corporate higher-ups to demonstrate his English-speaking abilities. Ismail Aliyev has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against FedEx and the long-haul contractor that employed him. Aliyev says his trouble started months... More »

FedEx Expects Big Holiday Season

Prediction seen as a positive sign for the economy

(Newser) - FedEx is expecting to ship 280 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, a 13% improvement on last year's figures that means the Memphis-based company will hire 20,000 additional workers to handle the surge. FedEx attributed its growing shipment figures to the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping,... More »

FedEx Sorry About Thrown Package

Company offers YouTube apology

(Newser) - FedEx suffered a public embarrassment this week in the form of a YouTube video, watched by 800,000 people, which showed an employee casually tossing a computer monitor over a 6-foot fence. Now the company is doing damage control, fighting fire with fire by posting a YouTube video of its... More »

Cargo Bomb Was Set to Explode Over US

Timer was too short to make it to Chicago synagogue

(Newser) - One of the bombs hidden inside a toner cartridge sent from Yemen probably would have exploded while the plane was over the eastern US had it not been discovered by British authorities, says Scotland Yard. Instead, investigators acting on a tip from Saudi Arabia removed the device from the plane... More »

Flights Subject to New Rules After Bomb Plot

Large toner cartridges banned from passengers flights

(Newser) - The recent mail-bomb plot has prompted the Department of Homeland Security to enact new air cargo restrictions, effective immediately, the New York Times reports. Among the changes:
  • Certain packages bound to the US from overseas will be subjects to what the anti-terror agency called “additional and enhanced screening.”
... More »

Dubai: Plane Bomb Looks Like al-Qaeda

Package bore same explosive as failed Christmas bombing

(Newser) - The US-bound mail bomb discovered yesterday in Yemen had al-Qaeda's fingerprint on it, Dubai officials say, having been packaged in a "professional manner" and containing the same explosive as the failed Christmas bombing. "The plot style carries features similar to previous attacks carried out by terrorist organizations like... More »

Chicago-Bound Bombs Trigger Security Alerts

They're found in Dubai and England, prompt plane searches in US

(Newser) - Authorities in Dubai and England intercepted apparent mail bombs addressed to Chicago-area Jewish institutions, triggering a worldwide terror alert. Both were found aboard cargo planes, and both were mailed from Yemen. As a result of those scares, cargo planes at airports in the US, including Newark and Philadelphia, also were... More »

Killer Companies Started By College Kids

Time, Reddit, and other smart ideas

(Newser) - Turns out you don't have to suffer through a 6-hour graduation ceremony before you can make a splash in the business world. The Huffington Post lists 10 really impressive companies started in college:
  1. Time magazine: Yale seniors Henry Luce and Briton Hadden dreamed up the idea of a newsweekly, and
... More »

Dow Dips 2 Points

Housing starts rise, but come in below expectations

(Newser) - Stocks posted small losses today as the modest rally of the last two weeks ran out of steam, the Wall Street Journal reports. Housing starts for August rose 1.5%, less than expected. FedEx shares dropped after the company reported a 53% drop in quarterly profit. The Dow fell 2... More »

Dow Down 22; Stocks Gain for Week

Crude oil tumbles $2.65

(Newser) - Stocks pulled back today after hitting their 2009 peaks in yesterday's session, the Wall Street Journal reports. Despite modest declines, transportation stocks—considered the first to benefit in a recovery—remained strong, with FedEx up 6.43%. Crude tumbled $2.65 to $69.20 a barrel. The Dow lost 22.... More »

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