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'Shoplifter Priest' Hit With Bucket of Pasta

Parishioner expresses his objections with ravioli

(Newser) - A British priest who said the poor should consider shoplifting things like tinned ravioli had a bucket of pasta dumped over him by an irate parishioner. The man lay in wait for Father Tim Jones outside his church in York, northern England, and then sloshed half the messy spaghetti and... More »

Risqué Xmas Ad Sparks Anger

Catholics offended by Anglican church billboard

(Newser) - A New Zealand Anglican vicar trying to be funny by putting a sheepish Joseph naked in bed with Mary on a billboard has infuriated Catholics. "Poor Joseph, God was a hard act to follow," reads the ad. The idea "was to lampoon and ridicule the idea of... More »

Episcopal Church Names Second Openly Gay Bishop

Mary Glasspool will head to LA Diocese

(Newser) - The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles yesterday elected the Rev. Mary Glasspool as its second openly gay bishop, underscoring Episcopal commitment to accepting same-sex relationships despite enormous pressure from other Anglicans. "Any group of people who have been oppressed because of any one, isolated aspect of their persons yearns... More »

Episcopal Splinter Group to Ban Gay, Female Clergy

Ex-Pittsburgh bishop to lead new church

(Newser) - Hundreds of former Episcopal parishes are meeting to form the Anglican Church in North America this week, parting ways with their previous church to ban women and gays in the clergy. Robert Duncan, the former bishop of Pittsburgh, is leading the congregation of 300—including 50 bishops—and is expected... More »

Anglicans Open Path for First Women Bishops

But deal provides loophole for traditionalists

(Newser) - The Church of England has drafted a plan to allow the first women bishops within 3 years, the Times of London reports. But there’s a catch—to appease traditionalists, parishes that won’t tolerate a woman can have their own “complementary” bishops. Still, members of this special class... More »

Aussie Anglican Won't Make Nice for Papal Visit

Cleric has no beef with controversial government funding

(Newser) - An influential Anglican cleric won’t be welcoming Pope Benedict to Australia with open arms. But the outspoken dean of Sydney, whose brother is the city's archbishop, says he has no trouble with the public funding that's going toward the pontiff's July visit. Phillip Jensen says he won’t be... More »

Zimbabwe Police Wage War on Anglican Church

Services broken up for three Sundays straight

(Newser) - Zimbabwe riot police stormed an Anglican service this week, swinging batons to clear the pews, even striking a grandmother who bent to retrieve a fallen Bible. It wasn’t the first time, the New York Times reports. For three straight Sundays, Zimbabwe’s rulers have sent police to break up... More »

Catholics Now No. 1 in Britain

Anglicans second to Catholicism for first time in 400 years

(Newser) - For the first time in 400 years, Catholicism has more adherents than the Church of England in Great Britain, the Sunday Telegraph reports. Immigrants from Eastern Europe and Africa have filled the pews of Catholic churches, while attendance at Anglican Sunday services has dipped 20% since 2000, according to a... More »

Episcopalians Affirm Gay Rights Stand

But pledge 'restraint' in naming gay bishops to avoid schism

(Newser) - Episcopal leaders wrapping up their meeting in New Orleans yesterday pledged to “exercise restraint” in selecting gay bishops and blessing same-sex marriages, but declined to disavow either practice. The move was designed to appease Anglicans, who sought a ban. “This is a ‘try to keep your foot... More »

Church Near Breaking Point over Gay Priests

World Anglicans frown on homosexuals among top US Episcopalians

(Newser) - US Episcopal bishops are about to sit down to talk with leaders of the greater Anglican communion on the simmering issue of homosexuality within the church, but the fact that a lesbian is under serious consideration as a candidate for bishop of Chicago may be a signal that the Americans... More »

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