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College Football Recruiting Site Eyes 6th-Graders says 105-pound QB is 'incredibly composed' and 'very polished'

(Newser) - College football recruiting site is watching Tyson Thornton and Daron Bryden . Tyson, it said in a recent talent report , has "great explosiveness and surprisingly good body control for a kid his size and age," while Daron (who once beat NFL QB Matt Hasselbeck in an accuracy... More »

Students Revolt Against Big Bank Recruiting

Protests spread across Ivy League campuses

(Newser) - Half of those surveyed in Harvard's class of 2010 went into finance or consulting; at the University of Pennsylvania, the figure was even higher—and some students are fed up with the "brain drain." Inspired in part by the Occupy movement, students have launched protests against recruiting... More »

In Search of Code Breakers, UK Intel Invades Social Media

Launches 'Can You Crack It?' test

(Newser) - Did you ever want to be a code-breaking secret agent? Well, this could be your big chance. One of Great Britain's oldest intelligence services, Government Communications Headquarters, has launched an online test called " Can You Crack It? ," designed to help find new talent, reports the BBC . The... More »

Air Force Pulls Video After Marines Complain

Recruiting vid says airman 'in better shape'

(Newser) - The Air Force hastily pulled down its latest recruiting video yesterday in response to a complaint from a high-ranking Marine Corps official. In the video, an Air Force instructor boasts that his charges leave basic training “in better shape than most Marines.” Marines spotted it on the Air... More »

Job-Rich N. Dakota Lures the Unemployed

State jobless rate is 4.2%

(Newser) - North Dakota, not usually known for much other than open space, has suddenly become a job-seeker's paradise. The state of just over 640,000 has 9,000 open jobs and employs a recruiter who works full-time to lure workers, the Washington Post reports. "In North Dakota, it is pretty... More »

5 Jobs in Social Networking

(Newser) - Facebook addiction interfering with your work? Perhaps you should get a job where an intimate understanding of social networking is a prerequisite. Rachel Zupek runs down five possibilities for CNN.
  • Recruiter: The social networks are swarming with qualified candidates, "and it's about time recruiters joined them." They can
... More »

US Man Charged in Afghanistan Rocket Attack

Long Islander also gave al-Qaeda info on NYC mass transit: feds

(Newser) - An American arrested in Pakistan last fall faces charges for firing rockets at a US military base in Afghanistan, the New York Times reports. Bryant Neal Vinas, 26, also allegedly gave al-Qaeda detailed information about the New York City transit system and Long Island Railroad in return for military training. More »

Looking for Work? Better Have a Job Already

Another hurdle for job-seekers as unemployment nears 10%

(Newser) - Finding a job when unemployment is at 9.4% is hard enough. But the recently laid-off have another hurdle to contend with: Many employers are most interested in attracting candidates who are still working, the Wall Street Journal reports. “If they’re employed in today’s economy, they have... More »

CIA Recruits Laid-Off Bankers

Agency ads urge them to seek higher calling than finance

(Newser) - Down-and-out investment bankers have a new career option: spy. The CIA is actively courting New York’s former financial class, Reuters reports. It’s been advertising in New York and will be holding interviews at a secret location next week. “Finance and business professionals, if the quest for the... More »

Air Force Pulls Misleading Ad

Service will rework spot for 'Above All' campaign, release with new story line

(Newser) - An Air Force commercial that shows a US communications satellite exploding and implies a single missile could knock out cell phones, GPS navigation, banking transactions, and TV broadcasts has been pulled for being misleading, the Military Times reports. The ad, part of the Air Force’s “Above All” campaign... More »

Recruiters Draw Students From Abroad, for a Price

Universities make more off international students; agents get kickbacks

(Newser) - More American universities are using recruiting agents to draw foreign students, and those middlemen are reaping the benefits—from both sides. One Chinese student paid $3,000 to a company that "suggested Ohio University might be the best for me," unaware that OU pays the company a $1,... More »

Harvard Hoops Recruiting Questioned

Some say school has lowered its standards, skirted NCAA rules

(Newser) - Harvard may have done some un-Ivy League like things to upgrade its basketball program, reports the New York Times. Harvard, which hasn't played in the NCAA Tournament since 1946, is coming under fire for its recruiting tactics. “We don’t know how all this is going to come out,... More »

Coach Puts IU's Basketball Team in Jeopardy

NCAA infractions on top of past violations may spell serious trouble for Sampson

(Newser) - The future of Indiana University's basketball team could be at stake this spring, as coach Kelvin Sampson's alleged infractions of NCAA rules may be catching up with him. The NCAA alleges that the coach, who left Oklahoma after four violations, kept making recruiting calls despite being ordered not to. Sampson... More »

Uncle Sam Wants ... Anybody

Military lowers standards, hits new low in recruiting high school graduates

(Newser) - The Army is lowering standards to meet recruiting goals, with the percentage of high school-educated recruits dropping to a new low of 70.7% last year, reports the Washington Post. The Army hasn't reached its goal of 90% since 2004. A new study also shows that the number of "... More »

NCAA Upholds Ban on Texting Recruits

Move to override derided rule finds little support

(Newser) - The NCAA has upheld its ban against coaches text messaging high school prospects as a means of recruitment, reports. Though the rule was criticized by coaches and athletic directors when it was passed last year, the motion to overturn barely got enough support to bring the issue... More »

NCAA's Hoop Dreamers Open Ties with China

Memphis coach's deal with basketball body has long-term goals

(Newser) - University of Memphis coach John Calipari signed a deal this week with the Chinese Basketball Association, part of an effort to bolster NCAA exposure in China and forge an alliance that could make the country a hot spot for future recruiting, the New York Times reports. "We're basically putting... More »

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