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Jindal's GOP Response Flops

Critics slam guv's 'amateurish' delivery of Republican rebuttal

(Newser) - Pundits are split on the substance of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's Republican rebuttal to President Obama's speech, but most agree that his flat delivery revealed a politician not ready for prime time:
  • His speech was as patronizing "as if he were talking to kindergartners," writes Andrew Sullivan in
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Why Wasn't India Prepared?

In aftermath, many ask how 10 men wreaked such havoc

(Newser) - With Mumbai's bloody 3-day siege over, questions are arising about India's failure to anticipate and quickly repel the attack on its financial capital, the New York Times reports. A gang of only 10 terrorists caused widespread carnage, infiltrating three buildings, fighting off security forces, and fooling them into believing there... More »

'Thou Shalt Not Sue Me!'

'God' responds to lawsuit, claims immunity

(Newser) - "God" has apparently responded to a lawsuit accusing Him of making terroristic threats against mankind. If that sounds like the premise for a Jim Carrey movie, well, one day it might be. Agnostic Nebraska legislator Ernie Chambers sued God in a county court for all the disasters He brings... More »

3 Stories