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Inside the Brutal, Horrifying World of the MS-13 Gang

Long Island indictments shed latest light on 'transnational' criminal group

(Newser) - Nearly three dozen MS-13 gang members were swept up and arrested on Long Island in October after a bunch of Brentwood teens were found dead—and this week, more arrests were made as the feds went after 13 adults alleged to be gang members and believed to be tied to... More »

Amnesty: Horrors at Syrian Prison Include Weekly Mass Hangings

Report details up to 13K executions at Saydnaya Prison

(Newser) - Every week, sometimes twice a week, a military facility in Syria executes more people than the United States executes in a year, according to a hard-hitting Amnesty International report on the "human slaughterhouse" that is Saydnaya Prison. Syria has been secretly killing up to 50 people at a time,... More »

ISIS Boasts About Killings, Braces for Collapse

Group vows to fight on even if every scrap of territory is lost

(Newser) - ISIS, which measures success in the number of people its followers kill in bloody atrocities around the world, says it had a very successful Ramadan. In the latest issue of its al-Naba magazine, the group boasts that it killed or injured 5,200 people in 14 "military operations" during... More »

Cops: Ritualistic Murder May Be Tied to Blue Moon

Florida mother and her 2 sons had slit throats and hammer wounds

(Newser) - An elderly woman and her two sons have been found dead at their home in Pensacola, Fla., the apparent victims of what police are calling a ritualistic murder that coincided with last week's blue moon (ie the second full moon in July). Voncile Smith, 77, Richard Thomas Smith, 49,... More »

Police Report, Video of Sam DuBose's Death Don't Sync

Officer Ray Tensing's body cam suggests he wasn't dragged

(Newser) - Video has been released from the body camera of University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing, and it doesn't square with the official police report. The officer, 25, allegedly pulled over unarmed 43-year-old Sam DuBose for a missing license plate on July 19, and after spending less than two... More »

At This Rate, Cops Will Kill 1K People This Year

By the Guardian's count, that is

(Newser) - A Guardian project that's compiling killings by US police says we're right on track to hit more than 1,000 such deaths by year's end, because we've already hit the midpoint. The newspaper's The Counted project, an interactive database that the Guardian says uses both... More »

Tulsa Shooting Spree Targets Black People

Local NAACP president Warren Blakney: 'We're very concerned'

(Newser) - Three people are dead and two wounded after a shooting spree yesterday that targeted black people on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Police found the first victim in the wee hours, and spent all morning helping other people found in yards and on streets with gunshot wounds, the Tulsa World... More »

Trayvon Marchers Hit Streets Nationwide

Tampa, Columbia, Chicago among cities hosting protests for Trayvon Martin

(Newser) - A weekend of rallies for Trayvon Martin kicked off today with about a thousand marchers at a busy intersection in Tampa, Florida, and hundreds more in Columbia, SC, MSNBC reports. Many in Tampa carried Skittles and wore hoodies, as Martin did on the day he was gunned down by a... More »

Obama: Let's Not 'Rush for the Exits' in Afghanistan

But president is 'more determined' to withdraw troops

(Newser) - President Obama warned today against a "rush for the exits" in Afghanistan over the alleged killing of 16 Afghan civilians by a US soldier, CBS News reports. "I think it's important for us just to make sure that we are not ... in Afghanistan longer than we need... More »

Death Penalty May Await Soldier in Afghan Killings

Army soldier accused of killing 16 Afghans would face lethal injection: lawyer

(Newser) - The US soldier accused of gunning down 16 Afghan civilians near Kandahar may himself be killed for the crime, a military defense attorney tells MSNBC . "Based on what we’re hearing I suspect this will be prosecuted as a death penalty case," says Philip Cave, who is based... More »

Calif. Murder Fugitive Killed by SWAT Team

Aaron Bassler had hiding in forests since allegedly killing two people

(Newser) - A 35-year-old fugitive suspected in killing two people in Fort Bragg, Calif., was shot seven times and killed by a three-man SWAT team yesterday, reports the LA Times. Aaron Bassler, reportedly a schizophrenic, is thought to have killed the manager of a local conservation group on Aug. 11 and local... More »

4 Shot Dead in Long Island Pharmacy Robbery

Police don't know why robbery turned into massacre

(Newser) - A robbery gone wrong ended with four people shot to death in a small Long Island pharmacy yesterday morning, reports AP . Police don't know why the robber killed the two employees and two customers at the family-owned shop in Medford, and have no suspects in custody. One of the... More »

Dead Mom May Have Shot Kids After Web Rants

Katelynn Bennett warned her husband he would lose kids

(Newser) - A troubled mother may have shot her three children and herself after posting complaints about her marital troubles online, according to investigators. The bodies of Katelynn Bennett, 30, and her two daughters and son, ages 4 to 14, were found in their partially burned Indiana home, reports CNN . An Internet... More »

Case of Yank Crushed by Israeli Bulldozer Heats Up

US activist Rachel Corrie tried to protect Palestinian homes

(Newser) - The parents of a US activist who was crushed by an Israeli military bulldozer may soon meet the operators of the machine that killed their daughter. Rachel Corrie, 23, of Washington state was crushed as she attempted to block a bulldozer razing Palestinian homes in Gaza. Her parents have filed... More »

My Way Killings Plague Filipino Karaoke Bars

Bad singers face the final curtain

(Newser) - If you sing My Way at a karaoke bar in the Philippines, the end may be nearer than you realize: A spate of killings of people singing the Frank Sinatra song has prompted many bars to remove it from their playbooks and many Filipinos to avoid singing it. In a... More »

Woman Kills Intruder While on Line to 911

Police didn't get there before he broke in

(Newser) - An Oklahoma woman shot and killed an intruder while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher. 57-year-old Donna Jackson called 911, shotgun in hand, when she heard someone trying to break into her home last Friday—but before police could get there, the man, 53-year-old Billy Riley, hurled a patio... More »

Killer 'Smashed' Le's Body to Fit in 8-Inch Hole

Yale student's bones broken so she could be crammed into wall

(Newser) - Annie Le’s killer broke her bones and mangled her body to fit her into a hole in the wall the size of a computer monitor, an anonymous source tells the New York Post. “He just crushed her in there,” the source says. “She was like mush—... More »

Experts See Professional Jealousy in Yale Killing

Did Raymond Clark kill Annie Le because she was moving on?

(Newser) - Ray Clark could have strangled Annie Le because she was moving on to a satisfying career while he had to clean mouse cages in a lab, criminologists tell ABC News. If Clark is guilty, he may have suffered from what experts call "relative deprivation"—a mindset created "... More »

Lab Tech Arrested in Annie Le Slaying

(Newser) - After days of suspicion, police arrested Raymond Clark III today in the killing of 24-year-old Yale University graduate student Annie Le. He was taken into custody at a hotel where he was staying in Cromwell, Conn., about about 25 miles north of New Haven, and his bond is set for... More »

Yale Suspect Scolded Victim Over Lab Mice

(Newser) - If Ray Clark did, as police apparently suspect, kill Annie Le, investigators have an odd theory about his motivation, the New York Daily News reports. In emails that caught their attention, the Yale lab technician scolded Le about her lax handling of mice in the lab. Le apologized, but investigators... More »

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