Lasik eye surgery

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Thinking About Lasik? The Risks Are Painfully Real

Patient advocates complain not enough warnings are given on complications that can be severe

(Newser) - The promise of Lasik is it may offer an end to contacts and glasses; the reality is that it could lead to problems that may leave you longing for the old contacts and glasses. The New York Times reports on long-documented complications—including post-procedure complaints of double vision, painful dry... More »

Fashionistas Sporting Specs, Even With 20/20 Vision

The four-eyed look is in, experts say, but view is murky for Lasik surgery

(Newser) - Eyeglasses are no longer just for the optically challenged: Fashionistas everywhere see them as the latest must-have (eye)piece and are stocking up on non-prescription glasses to match every outfit, the Wall Street Journal says. Seeing wasn’t believing for one man who underwent Lasik surgery but continues to sport his... More »

LASIK Patients Urge Better Oversight

Eye surgery can have serious side-effects, they tell FDA

(Newser) - Patients experiencing painful and sometimes debilitating side-effects of LASIK eye surgery urged regulators today to keep a closer watch on the procedure, Reuters reports. A surgeon speaking to an FDA panel—soliticing advice for possible warnings after receiving 140 complaints—did not discount the allegations but said “the great... More »

FDA Probes Lasik Patients' Woes

Thousands have nightmare results

(Newser) - Patients who have experienced complications following popular Lasik eye surgery will tell their nightmare stories to a panel of the Food and Drug Administration today. The procedure to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism is coming under increasing scrutiny following reports of excessively dry eyes, and of "starbursts" and "... More »

Staring at US Recession, Lasik Eye Surgery Blinks

As with last downturn, fewer people springing for corrective procedure

(Newser) - Corrective laser eye surgeries have declined sharply in the past year, a fall-off attributed to the economic slump—and expected to deepen as the recession continues, the New York Times reports. “We’re forecasting a 17% drop for 2008,” said one market researcher, who expects first-quarter data to... More »

5 Stories