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No Headscarf for Melania, Ivanka Despite Trump Tweet

'They were insulted. We have enuf enemies'

(Newser) - Neither Melania nor Ivanka Trump wore a headscarf after arriving in Saudi Arabia for President Trump's first trip abroad, the BBC reports. In fact, none of the women in the president's entourage wore one. It turns out that while sharia law requires Saudi women to wear a headscarf,... More »

EU High Court: Companies Can Ban Headscarves

But workers don't have to take off religious symbols just because a customer asks

(Newser) - Fifteen judges on Europe's highest court ruled Tuesday on a case involving Muslim headscarves in the workplace, and the verdict did not come down in the headscarf-wearers' favor. CNNMoney reports that the European Court of Justice decided businesses not wanting to give an appearance of having any political, philosophical,... More »

Nike Introduces Hijab for Athletes

Athletes helped with the design

(Newser) - Nike has unveiled a hijab for Muslim female athletes, the AP reports. The Nike Pro Hijab has been in development for a year, the company said. Athletes contributed input into the product, and figure skater Zahra Lari was among those who tested it. The pull-on hijab is made of light,... More »

Le Pen Won't Wear Headscarf, Cancels Meeting With Muslim Leader

'I will not cover myself up'

(Newser) - Marine Le Pen backed out of a meeting with the religious leader of Sunni Muslims in Lebanon on Tuesday while refusing to don a headscarf, Reuters reports. According to CNN , the French far-right presidential candidate showed up to the meeting with Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian but left without... More »

Lindsay Lohan: I Was Profiled While Wearing Headscarf

LiLo says the incident happened at London's Heathrow Airport

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan claims she was "racially profiled" while wearing a headscarf at London's Heathrow Airport, the AP reports. The actress told a British talk show that she was stopped while traveling to New York. She said an airport worker "opened my passport and saw 'Lindsay Lohan'... More »

Muslim Teen Proposes a First: Headscarf Emojis

Rayouf Alhumedhi, 15, had nothing to represent herself online

(Newser) - When 15-year-old Rayouf Alhumedhi went searching for an emoji to express herself in a group chat room, she came up short. So the Berlin teen chose to create a symbol—the hijab, or headscarf—that has ignited a debate in Europe and beyond about religious freedom, multiculturalism, and women's... More »

ACLU: Ala. Christian Forced to Remove Scarf for DMV Pic

Yvonne Allen says she was told only Muslims can wear head scarves

(Newser) - The ACLU filed a lawsuit this week alleging that an Alabama county clerk and her supervisor violated a Christian woman's religious freedom rights under both federal and state constitutions when they required that the woman remove her head scarf for her driver's license photo in spite of repeated... More »

Flight Attendants: No Way We're Wearing Headscarves

Air France attendants refuse order for Iran flights

(Newser) - Female flight attendants on Air France aren't too thrilled with being told to wear headscarves when they disembark in Tehran, the Telegraph reports. Their union is opposing the order, slated to kick in April 17, when the airline resumes flights to Iran's capital after an eight-year hiatus. "... More »

Supreme Court: Abercrombie Discriminated vs. Teen's Hijab

Supreme Court finds for Muslim who was denied job

(Newser) - In a ruling that could have wide implications for job applicants who dress according to religious reasons, the Supreme Court ruled 8-1 today that Abercrombie and Fitch violated the civil rights of a Muslim woman in Tulsa, Okla., by denying her a job because of her headscarf, Reuters reports. Samantha... More »

Abercrombie Loses Muslim Headscarf Suit

Chain was wrong to fire worker, judge rules

(Newser) - More controversy for Abercrombie & Fitch: A Muslim stockroom worker fired for wearing a headscarf has won her anti-discrimination case against the clothing chain, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. A federal judge ruled the chain violated the religious rights of the woman and there was no "credible evidence" to... More »

Egypt Teacher Cut Hair of Girls Without Headscarves

Science teacher fired after dad complains

(Newser) - An Egyptian science teacher has been fired after she cut the hair of two 12-year-old girls in her classroom for not wearing Islamic headscarves. The father of one of the girls filed a complaint with a local prosecutor earlier this month, and a women's group argued that it was... More »

Saudi Woman May Withdraw From Games Over Hijab Ban

Shaherkani will withdraw from judo match if not allowed to wear headscarf

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia made history by sending two female athletes to the Olympics this year—but that number could drop to one if a judoka is not allowed to wear a hijab during her judo bouts. The International Judo Federation president said last week that Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shaherkani will... More »

Saudi Woman Competing at Olympics Without Hijab

Decision will likely be controversial

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia is sending women to the Olympics for the first time—and at least one of them, a judo competitor, won’t be wearing a traditional Islamic headscarf while competing. Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shaherkani "will fight according to the principle and spirit of judo, so without a... More »

French Senate Bans Islamic Veils in Public

Measure still faces review by nation's constitutional judges

(Newser) - The French Senate voted near-unanimously to ban wearing burka-style Islamic veils in public today, the BBC reports. The measure must still past muster with the country's Constitutional Council, but unless those judges raise objections, it will become law in 6 months. The Senate confirmed the measure by a vote of... More »

Worker Sues Disney Over Headscarf Ban

Worker told she can't wear headscarf in front of customers

(Newser) - Hats—and presumably mouse ears—are fine, but Disneyland workers aren't allowed to wear religious head coverings. A Muslim woman who works as a hostess in a Disney-owned restaurant has filed a discrimination lawsuit after she was barred from wearing a headscarf at work four times this week because bosses... More »

French Tycoon Vows $1M to Pay Burka Fines

Goal is to render the new law useless

(Newser) - A French tycoon enraged by his country's 'Burka ban ' plans to set up a $1 million fund to help Muslim women fined for wearing the burka or niqab on the street. Rachid Nekkaz, a real estate magnate of Algerian origin, considers the ban "anti-constitutional" and has personally pledged... More »

Iranians Don Scarves in Protest

What a drag! Activists turn tables on officials

(Newser) - Hundreds of Iranian men are donning headscarves in Facebook photos to turn the tables on authorities who tried to humiliate a student activist by distributing photos apparently showing him in a scarf and chador as he tried to escape police. Members of the "Be a Man" campaign wear colorful... More »

Thousands in Egypt Mourn 'Headscarf Martyr'

Woman stabbed in German courtroom during hearing on religious insult

(Newser) - Thousands gathered in Alexandria today for the funeral of Marwa Sherbini, a pregnant Egyptian woman killed in a German courtroom last week by a man convicted of insulting her religion, the AP reports. Sherbini, 32, was stabbed 18 times by a man identified only as Axel W, 28. They were... More »

Workers Bar Muslim Women From Obama Backdrop

Pair not allowed to sit behind candidate over headscarves; campaign apologizes

(Newser) - Two Muslim women were barred from sitting behind Barack Obama during a rally Monday, with campaign volunteers concerned about headscarves appearing on TV and in pictures, Politico reports. One woman was told the "political climate" made her presence problematic; another was told headwear of any kind was off-limits in... More »

Rachael Ray's 'Terror Scarf' Ad Yanked

Rachael Ray sporting jihadist neckwear, righty bloggers say

(Newser) - Dunkin' Donuts has pulled an ad featuring TV chef Rachael Ray after conservative commentators got tied in knots over her scarf, the Boston Globe reports. The black-and-white scarf around her neck looked a little too much like a keffiyeh—the traditional headwear of Arab men—for some observers, who howled... More »

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