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'Jena 6' Teen in Hospital After Shooting Self

Bell couldn't take media attention following new arrest: family

(Newser) - Mychal Bell, one of the “Jena six” who were the focus of a racial controversy in 2006, survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest and is in a Louisiana hospital, the Monroe News Star reports. Bell shot himself after being arrested for shoplifting on Christmas Eve and said... More »

'Jena 6' Teen Pleads Guilty

Mychal Bell accepts plea deal on reduced charge, agrees to testify against others

(Newser) - Mychal Bell, one of the "Jena 6" teenagers involved in a racially charged incident in Louisiana, has pleaded guilty to second-degree battery and will serve 18 months in juvenile detention. The teen admitted in court that he knocked out Justin Barker, and he has agreed to testify against any... More »

Back to Jail for 'Jena 6' Teen

Mychal Bell handed an unexpected sentence on earlier charges

(Newser) - Mychal Bell of the "Jena Six" was handed an unexpected 18-month sentence by a judge in juvie court yesterday—on charges unrelated to the attack on a white classmate that drew national attention last month. The charges of battery and destruction of property were pending before the December 4... More »

Jena 6 Teen Goes Free on Bail

Move comes after prosecutors decide not to seek adult trial

(Newser) - The black teenager jailed in the Jena 6 case walked out of a Louisiana courthouse free on bail today. A judge released Mychal Bell, 17, on $45,000 bail hours after prosecutors decided not to seek an adult trial, the Associated Press reports. The prosecution of Bell and five other... More »

DA Ends Bid to Try 'Jena 6' Teen as Adult

Move could hasten release of key player in Louisiana race case

(Newser) - A prosecutor has given up attempts to have one of the Louisiana teenagers at the center of a civil-rights furor tried as an adult, Reuters reports. Mychal Bell, 17, was convicted in June of battery in the beating of a white classmate, but an appeals court overturned the verdict on... More »

Jena 6 Teen Denied Release

Mychal Bell will stay in jail while his appeal is reviewed

(Newser) - Mychal Bell, the black Louisiana teenager in jail since December for the battery of a white classmate, was not released on bail yesterday, as has supporters had hoped. The day after a demonstration that brought 10,000 civil rights activists to the tiny town to protest the treatment of the... More »

6 Stories