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Complaints Surge Over Telemarketing

Illegal robocalls have customers fuming

(Newser) - Americans have had it up to here with telemarketers—particularly the robot variety. April saw 212,000 complaints about robocalls, up from just 65,000 in October 2010, the government says. Over the same span, complaints seeking a stop to telemarketers' calls rose from 71,000 to 182,000, the... More »

How to Make $500 Off a Telemarketer

Start by asking for a copy of company's 'do not call' policy

(Newser) - Looking for a little telemarketer revenge? The Consumerist has just the thing: It points out that telemarketing companies are required to send you a copy of their "do not call" policy upon request. If they fail to do so, you can sue for $500. The site also points to... More »

Privacy Groups Want Online ‘Do Not Call’

‘Do Not Track’ would bar companies from targeting ads

(Newser) - Consumer and privacy advocates have proposed a voluntary online “Do Not Track” list that would bar companies from monitoring web traffic for the purpose of targeting ads. Modeled on the popular “Do Not Call” list, which blocks phone telemarketers, the new proposal wouldn’t outlaw ads altogether, the... More »

Ring, Ring, Ring: Do Not Call List Expires Soon

Numbers purge after five years, so for many it's time to re-register

(Newser) - If you're one of the millions who registered with the federal Do Not Call list in 2003, expect your phone to start ringing during dinner again soon, Time reports. That's because the FTC made the popular list good for only five years. After that, you have to re-up... More »

4 Stories