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Where OJ Simpson Lives, 'Works' Now

He's living in a Vegas mansion, signing autographs: TMZ

(Newser) - OJ Simpson's new digs are a big upgrade from a prison cell. TMZ reports he's currently living in a 5,000-square-foot Las Vegas mansion, inside a gated community and next to a golf course. The five-bedroom, 5.5-bath home includes its own private putting green as well, plus... More »

TMZ Has Crazy Story About an OJ Knife

If true, this could be huge

(Newser) - Its sources are just that—"sources," with no more specific identifiers other than that they're in law enforcement—but TMZ has an incredible story about an allegedly hush-hush investigation being conducted by the LAPD in connection with a knife supposedly found on the perimeter of the former... More »

Serial Killer, Not OJ, Killed Simpson, Goldman: New Doc

Film claims Glen Rogers admitted to the murders

(Newser) - A new documentary backs OJ Simpson up in his claim that he did not murder Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Rather, the documentary alleges, Glen Rogers killed them. Who's Glen Rogers? The New York Post calls him "one of America's least-known serial killers." It seems... More »

F. Lee Bailey: OJ's Innocent, and Here's Why

His defense lawyer publishes epic paper proving his point

(Newser) - F. Lee Bailey says OJ Simpson is innocent—and if you don’t believe him, he has a 20,000-word document that backs up his claim. Bailey, a prominent member of the defense team that got Simpson acquitted, published the document—which he originally wrote as a book proposal, but... More »

Smithsonian Gets OJ's 'Acquittal Suit'

But museum says it's not a done deal

(Newser) - With OJ Simpson giving his agreement from prison, a judge approved a plan today to donate the suit the former NFL star was wearing when he was acquitted of murder to the Smithsonian. The deal ends a 13-year legal battle between Simpson's former sports agent, Mike Gilbert, and Fred Goldman,... More »

OJ Judge Bars Goldman Lawyer From Testifying

Prosecution in Vegas robbery sought to tie Simpson's mindset to 90s slaying

(Newser) - The skeletons are back in the closet for OJ Simpson today after a judge said a lawyer for the Goldman family—who won a civil verdict against the former football star in the slaying of their son—can't testify in Simpson’s current armed-robbery trial, AP reports. The prosecution argued... More »

Goldman Lawyer May Testify Against OJ

Attorney for murder victim's kin may speak to OJ's state of mind

(Newser) - OJ Simpson's past murder trial dramatically resurfaced in his armed robbery hearing yesterday as prosecutors sought to question a lawyer for the family of murder victim Ron Goldman, CNN reports. The prosecution argued that David Cook—who has aggressively pursued Simpson's assets—could testify as to Simpson's state of mind... More »

OJ Must Fork Over Rolex

He also has to forfeit sports memorabilia to pay wrongful deaths settlement

(Newser) - OJ Simpson must hand over his Rolex and sports memorabilia to help pay the millions he owes in the wrongful death settlement of his ex-wife, Nicole, and Ron Goldman, the Associated Press reported. A judge in California told Simpson today to pony up the watch, valued at up to $22,... More »

OJ Loses Black Support

Steadfast 71% who thought him innocent in 1994 now down to 40%

(Newser) - OJ Simpson has seen his steadfast defenders in the black community run for cover in the wake of his hypothetical confession and his new legal mix-up: a Washington Post survey concludes that whereas 71% of African Americans thought he was innocent of the 1994 double-murder rap at the time, only... More »

OJ Courted Memorabilia Dealers

The LA Times looks at the men behind Simpson's mementos

(Newser) - Simpson's involvement with the memorabilia dealers he's accused of robbing began in the cell he sat in days after the 1994 murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The LA Times reports Simpson asked agent Richard Gilbert to push memorabilia signed behind bars, merchandise he claims Gilbert later stole that... More »

OJ Hit With Robbery, Kidnapping Charges

One heist victim is in critical condition after suffering a heart attack

(Newser) - Nevada prosecutors have filed 11 felony counts against OJ and his alleged cohorts for stealing memorabilia in Las Vegas last week, CNN reports. Charges include robbery with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon and first-degree kidnapping. Simpson, who is being held without bail, will face his first court... More »

If He Did It, They Won't Push It

O.J. book won't be on shelves, but Barnes & Noble will sell it online

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble won't put the new edition of O.J. Simpson's controversial near-confessional If I Did It on bookstore shelves, but it will make the book available by special order and online. Rival Borders will stock the book but won't promote it. The divergent decisions reflect the publishing industry's... More »

NY Publisher to Issue OJ Book

Simpson's If I Did It will include notes by family of victim Ron Goldman

(Newser) - OJ Simpson’s book hypothetically describing the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman will finally be published, Reuters reports. The Goldman family will “leave Simpson’s manuscript entirely intact, but they will also add key commentary,” a spokesman for their literary agent said. Under a court... More »

Gossip Site Faces Judge Over OJ Book

Goldman family wants TMZ held in contempt after 'If I Did It' leak

(Newser) - A judge will hear a motion to hold online scandal sheet TMZ in contempt for momentarily denuding the manuscript of OJ Simpson's veiled confession. The family of murder victim Ron Goldman owns the rights to If I Did It, in which Simpson delineates how he could have killed his ex-wife... More »

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