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Judge Orders Florida to Stop Welfare Drug Tests

Says it will likely be ruled unconstitutional

(Newser) - A federal judge has ordered Florida to suspend its “suspicionless drug testing” of would-be welfare recipients, writing that “there is a substantial likelihood” that the law requiring such tests will be deemed unconstitutional. The ruling comes thanks to an ACLU lawsuit on behalf of one welfare recipient—an... More »

As Food Stamp Use Explodes, Stigma Fades

Americans 'who never thought' they'd use aid are relying on it

(Newser) - With one in eight Americans now using food stamps and 20,000 more signing up each day, "nutritional assistance" is becoming a normal part of American life rather than a shameful secret, reports the New York Times . In analyzing local data, the paper found that in 239 counties—as... More »

Welfare Rolls Not Expanding to Meet Crisis

The 1996 reform is making it tougher for needy to get help as economy flatlines

(Newser) - Welfare programs, rewritten in 1996 to give individual states more control, do not seem to be responding to the growing needs of the disadvantaged as the economy tanks and unemployment soars, reports the New York Times. Some 18 states—including many of those with the highest job losses—actually cut... More »

Surfers Riding Welfare Wave

Aussie pols crack down on the unemployed

(Newser) - Getting surfers off the beach and into the job market is a top priority for Australia's  conservative government. The country is enjoying its lowest unemployment rate in years, just above 4%, but it seems a disproportionate number of those receiving welfare benefits live in sunny coastal areas with more opportunities... More »

4 Stories