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Torture Lawyer Flees Berkeley Amid Protests

Law prof takes 1-year gig at OC's Chapman U.

(Newser) - It can be hard to be a professor: publish or perish, sit on committees…dodge protesters? Just ask John Yoo, author of the memos that laid out and justified the harsh interrogation tactics used by the Bush administration. Yoo, a Berkeley law professor, has taken leave from his left-leaning professional... More »

Law School Rankings May Be Revised to Stop 'Gaming'

Schools hide weaker students to boost stats

(Newser) - Some US law schools have been caught manipulating programs to climb college rankings in US News & World Report, the Wall Street Journal reports. Institutions boost their performance statistics by channeling first-year students with lower test scores and grades into part-time programs that aren't considered in the rankings. The magazine... More »

Mitt's Blasts at 'Broken' Washington Risk GOP Ire

Romney distances himself from the president

(Newser) - White House hopeful Mitt Romney is distancing himself from President Bush in his TV ads and public statements—risking the ire of Republican primary voters who still support the president's most controversial policies. Romney's new theme is that the Republican party has been led off course, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

3 Stories