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5 Best, 5 Worst Company Reputations

Congrats, Amazon

(Newser) - Congrats, Amazon. The company has the best reputation among American consumers, according to 24/7 Wall St. , which lists the companies with the best and worst reputations based on the 2017 Harris Poll and American Customer Satisfaction Index. The top five in each category, with a reputation score out of 100:... More »

Kimmy Schmidt Star Posts Irate Yelp Review

Tituss Burgess says he was stood up by a moving company, rage-warns others

(Newser) - After he says he was stood up by a moving company, Tituss Burgess did not take a breath and a sip of pinot noir. Rather, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor very publicly lost his cool on Frank's Express with a scathing Yelp review on Wednesday, giving the New York... More »

The 10 Most Reputable Countries

Sorry, Canada: This year Sweden ranks best

(Newser) - Congrats, Sweden. The country is considered the most reputable, according to the Reputation Institute, which has produced a top 10 ranking based on how "welcoming, safe, and beautiful" a country is, according to a press release . More specifically, the rankings come from 58,000 ratings on economy, environment, and... More »

10 Companies With the Best Reputations

Rolex, Disney, Google top the list

(Newser) - The Reputation Institute is out with its annual list of the world's most reputable companies, based on a poll of 240,000 people from 15 countries. Volkswagen took a major hit, falling from the 14th spot to 123rd in 2016, per Forbes . The top 10: More »

Trump's Luxury Brands Have Lost Their Glitter

And he really only has himself to blame, per Politico

(Newser) - For more than 10 years, BAV Consulting has kept an eye on the Donald Trump brand, documenting its peaks and valleys in consumer opinion. But as Politico reports, the Donald's hold on the luxury goods market—which has helped amass him a portfolio that Bloomberg has estimated is worth... More »

Experts Clean Up Your Online Image (For a Fee)

Yes, it's now a career field

(Newser) - Introducing a budding new career choice: Internet Reputation Manager. If you're worried about what people will find when they Google your name, there's a growing number of businesses ready to polish your digital image, the Boston Globe reports. The fees run from $2,000 to $10,000 at one such... More »

Colleges Protest US News Ranking Survey

Glossy lobbying campaign called unseemly waste

(Newser) - Each spring, US News & World Report asks college presidents to rank the reputations of other colleges—and a dozen or more presidents protest the surveys, refusing to fill them out and encouraging others to do the same. The focus this year is not only on the survey itself, a... More »

Hey, Regular Joes, You've Got Blackmail

In tough times, many turn to extorting non-celebs

(Newser) - Whether the perpetrators are spurred by the recession or inspired by the David Letterman and Cindy Crawford cases, the ranks of aspiring blackmailers are swelling—and an increasing number of their plots are targeting ordinary private citizens. The typical non-celebrity extortion victim has a high net worth and has engaged... More »

They May Love Obama, But Still Don't Like US

(Newser) - President Obama is viewed favorably around the world, but his popularity hasn't worked any magic on the image of the US, Tom Schaller writes on FiveThirtyEight. A new poll of people in 20 countries finds the average global opinion of the role the US plays in the world is 41%... More »

Burris, Unsure on '10 Election Run, Faces Cash Crunch

Senator collected only $845 in first quarter

(Newser) - Roland Burris says he hasn’t decided if he’ll run for election to his Senate seat in February 2010, but an aide says he has begun fundraising efforts, the Chicago Tribune reports. The “very aggressive” push to raise money “as quickly as possible” can’t come soon... More »

Russia 'Already Paid a Price' for Georgia Invasion: Rice

Secretary says its reputation is 'in tatters'

(Newser) - Condoleezza Rice says Russia has “already paid a price” for its invasion of Georgia, because its “reputation as a potential partner in international institutions—diplomatic, political, security, economic—is frankly in tatters.” Returning from a trip to Georgia, Rice made a string of Sunday talk show appearances,... More »

Dodd Fights to Redeem Dad

Father's letters illuminate Nuremberg prosecutor turned disgraced US senator

(Newser) - Chris Dodd is not only running for president, he's on a mission to fix his father's reputation. Dodd's late father, Thomas, also a US senator, was censured in 1967 for making personal use of campaign funds. Years earlier, he made his name at the Nuremberg trials, and his son's new... More »

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