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Nagasaki Marks 65th Anniversary

Memorial emphasizes eliminating nuclear weapons

(Newser) - Bells tolled today as Nagasaki marked 65 years since the last time a nuclear weapon was dropped on a civilian population, reports the BBC, an attack that killed 70,000, leveled an entire city, and ultimately ended the last world war within a week. Though the US ambassador to Japan... More »

Columbia Prez Lays Into Ahmadinejad

Head of state answers ‘unfriendly’ intro with contentious talk

(Newser) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appeared today at Columbia University, where the school’s president called the Iranian president “a petty and cruel dictator” and excoriated him for his human rights rap sheet, Holocaust denial—which Lee Bollinger called "simply ridiculous"—and nuclear ambitions. The visitor smiled as Bollinger spoke,... More »

2 Stories