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Jeb Bush Registered to Vote as 'Hispanic'

Bush spokeswoman can't really explain why that happened

(Newser) - Jeb Bush seems to have erred in filling out his 2009 voter-registration application in Miami-Dade County—specifically in the "Race/Ethnicity" field, which he checked "Hispanic," the New York Times reports. The Times notes Bush's deep ties to the Hispanic community—including his Mexican wife, his fluent... More »

Suit: Cops Left Hispanic Drunk Guy at Taco Bell

Uriel Juarez-Popoca was subsequently killed by a car

(Newser) - When Ohio police responded to reports of a drunk driver who had pulled over on the side of the road, they inexplicably took the 22-year-old Hispanic man to a Taco Bell five miles away and left him there. Soon after, he was walking on the highway when he was hit... More »

GOP Hispanic Outreach Honcho Turns Democrat

Pablo Pantoja slams Republican 'intolerance'

(Newser) - In 2012, Pablo Pantoja headed the Republican National Committee's Hispanic outreach work in Florida; now, the Puerto Rican native is becoming a Democrat, the Tampa Bay Times reports. He explains his reasons for the switch in an email slamming "the culture of intolerance surrounding the Republican Party today.... More »

Rand Paul Backs Citizenship for Illegals

Move could be latest groundwork for potential 2016 run

(Newser) - Rand Paul is endorsing a pathway to citizenship for the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants, a significant move for a favorite of tea party Republicans who are sometimes hostile to such an approach. "If you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a place... More »

Spanish- Language Ads Hammer Romney

SEIU, pro-Obama super PAC behind spots

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is facing a $4 million Spanish-language ad campaign targeting his biggest gaffes. Labor organization SEIU and Priorities USA, the super PAC backing President Obama, are showing the ads all summer in Florida, Colorado, and Nevada in a campaign kicking off this week. Highlighted Romney quotes include perennial faves... More »

Hispanic, Black Voter Rolls Drop

Could be bad news for Obama, Democrats

(Newser) - For the first time in almost 40 years, the number of Hispanic registered voters has plummeted—both nationally, by 5% since 2008, and in important swing states. In New Mexico, numbers have fallen 28%; in Florida it's 10%. Meanwhile, the number of black registered voters has dropped 7% nationally—... More »

Hispanics Now the Majority Sent to Federal Prison

Big demographic shift attributable to immigration offenses

(Newser) - With immigration offenses on the rise, more than half of those sent to federal prison for felonies this year are Hispanic. Though Hispanics already outnumbered other ethnic groups in that category, this is the first year they have been the majority of such offenders, the AP reports. A new government... More »

US Hispanics Outlive Whites, Blacks

And women outlive men among all three races

(Newser) - Hispanics in the US can expect to live more than two years longer than the average white person and more than seven years longer than the average black person, according to new figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report is the strongest evidence yet for the... More »

California Rep: 'The Vietnamese' Want Me Out

Democrat Loretta Sanchez accuses opponent of being 'anti-Hispanic'

(Newser) - A Democratic congresswoman from California is taking heat today after telling Univision “the Vietnamese” are after her seat. “The Vietnamese and the Republicans are, with an intensity, trying to take this seat from which we have done so much for the community,” Loretta Sanchez said in the... More »

Hotel Owner Forces Latino Employees to Change Names

NM innkeeper forbids speaking Spanish

(Newser) - A hotel owner who demands that Latino workers change their names to Anglicized versions and not speak Spanish in his presence is causing a stir in New Mexico. Larry Whitten laid down the law: Martín (mahr-teen) and Marcos are now just Martin and Mark, and employees he considered insubordinate... More »

Telenovela Sexes Up Census Participation

Soap opera reaches out to worried Latinos

(Newser) - Spicy soap opera action may not be something usually associated with the US Census Bureau, but that's set to change next week. Perla Beltrán, a luckless but lovely character in popular Telemundo telenovela Más Sabe el Diablo, is getting a job helping boost Hispanic participation in next year's... More »

Obama: Sotomayor's Rise an 'Inspiration for Generations'

White House holds reception for new justice

(Newser) - President Obama today celebrated the rise of Sonia Sotomayor to become the Supreme Court's newest member and first Hispanic, hailing her story and achievement as an inspiration for generations. "When Justice Sotomayor put her hand on that Bible and took that oath ... we came yet another step to the... More »

Sotomayor's a Rookie Again

(Newser) - After 17 years as a federal judge, Sotomayor knows her way around a courthouse. But her new workplace is filled with quirky customs and rituals and questions about how to fit in. When do you speak up? How do you find your way around a building torn apart by renovation?... More »

Wise Latinas Embrace Their New Label

(Newser) - GOP senators may have pooh-poohed Sonia Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” comment, but wise Latinas everywhere are wearing the phrase like a badge of honor, the New York Times reports. From t-shirts to blogs, women of Hispanic heritage have warmed to the phrase much like other minority groups appropriate slurs,... More »

Limbaugh, O'Reilly Fury Boosts 'Latino MoveOn'

(Newser) - An advocacy group styling itself as the Latino MoveOn has infuriated both Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, Joe Garofoli writes in the San Francisco Chronicle. The Berkeley online hub Presente is running a Spanish-language radio ad in Florida this week, urging GOP Rep. John Mica to rebuke Limbaugh's labeling of... More »

Sotomayor the First Latino on Supreme Court? Not Exactly

Answer centers on whether Portuguese Cardozo was 'Hispanic'

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor is indeed the first Latino to be nominated for a Supreme Court post—if you don’t count Benjamin Cardozo, a justice serving in the 1930s who was born to parents claiming Portuguese descent. But, some ask, did that make him Latino? The answer, Antonio Olivo explains in... More »

High Court Pick's Gender, Race Not an Issue: Poll

Proportion wanting female appointee shrinks from 2005

(Newser) - Americans don’t feel strongly that the next Supreme Court appointee should be a woman, Hispanic, or black, Gallup Poll results suggest: most say it’s a non-issue. Some 64% say it “doesn’t matter” whether the appointee is a woman; 68% say it doesn’t matter whether he... More »

Hispanic Groups Urge Obama to Pick Latino for High Court

Caucus says Hispanics underrepresented in federal courts

(Newser) - Even before David Souter’s retirement plans became public, leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus sent President Obama a letter asking him to fill any Supreme Court vacancy with a Latino justice, the Hill reports. Wednesday’s missive praises Obama for appointing Hispanics to key positions—including two Cabinet posts—... More »

Latino Population Surges in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Rebuilding effort attracts immigrant workers to NOLA

(Newser) - The promise of jobs in New Orleans' ongoing reconstruction has drawn thousands of Spanish-speaking immigrant laborers to the city in one of the quickest demographic shifts America has seen, the AP reports. The Hispanic population has increased from 15,000 to 50,000 since the storm, accounting for 15.2%... More »

Cesar Chavez Blvd.? Dallas Does U-Turn on Renaming

Poll for new street name ditched after Hispanic hero wins

(Newser) - The Latino community in Dallas is fuming after the city’s about-face on a street name, the Wall Street Journal reports. Officials held a poll to find a new name for the spruced-up Industrial Boulevard, only to declare the results non-binding when the winner by a long shot was Cesar... More »

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