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Top Militant Denies Taliban Shootout

Pakistan insists dead leader's aide killed in power struggle

(Newser) - Days after Pakistan's Taliban leader reportedly died in a US airstrike, conflicting stories are emerging about a power struggle in the militant group, the New York Times reports. Waliur Rehman, a commander who had wanted to lead the Taliban, denies killing a young aide to the former leader in a... More »

Weakness at Top Worsens Pakistan's Woes

Zardari has alienated party allies and foes alike: officials

(Newser) - In less than 6 months at Pakistan's helm, Asif Ali Zardari has surrounded himself with cronies, alienated top advisers, and created a situation that has diplomats warning that he's undercutting efforts to oppose al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Benazir Bhutto's widower is holed up inside his palace, and cabinet ministers who... More »

Palin Planned Concession Speech

McCain aides turned her down, script in hand, at final rally

(Newser) - Sarah Palin arrived for John McCain’s final rally with her own speech in hand, the New York Times reports, to be told, firmly, by McCain’s top advisers that VP candidates do not get the microphone on election nights, win or lose. Her ambition to take the stage reinforced... More »

Finger-Pointing Begins for GOP

Republicans try to distance themselves from McCain's campaign strategy

(Newser) - Republicans inside John McCain’s campaign and out are pointing fingers at one another, striking a surprisingly past-tense tone about their efforts, Politico reports. The recriminations go to the top: senior Bush advisers criticized McCain for a poorly run campaign on the heels of an interview in which the candidate... More »

Stern Sidekick Quits on Air After Fight

Artie almost physically attacks assistant during show

(Newser) - Longtime Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange walked off the show Thursday after an intense on-air shouting match with his personal assistant, Newsday reports. Lange tried to physically attack the assistant but was held back by studio members. Soon afterward Lange resigned, saying he couldn’t promise he wouldn’t act... More »

Hillary Threats Killed Negative Story

Access to Bill denied if GQ piece ran

(Newser) - GQ magazine spiked a negative story about White House hopeful Hillary Clinton after her campaign offered editors a stark choice: kill the piece or lose access to Bill Clinton for a cover story. The offending article explored tensions and infighting at the heart of the Clinton campaign. Despite protests from... More »

6 Stories