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DNC Suit Alleges 'Unprecedented Treachery' From Trump Campaign

Complaint says Trump associates 'gleefully' welcomed Russia's help in tilting election

(Newser) - It was a "brazen attack on US soil" during the 2016 election, claims the Democratic National Committee—and now it's suing the Russian government, WikiLeaks, and Donald Trump's campaign for "unprecedented treachery." The Washington Post reports the DNC filed its complaint Friday in New York... More »

National Director Takes 'Step Back' From Trump Campaign

Jim Murphy cites 'personal reasons'

(Newser) - Donald Trump is going to have to get through the final weeks of his campaign without Jim Murphy, his national political director, who has decided to take a "step back" for undisclosed reasons. "I have not resigned but for personal reasons have had to take a step back... More »

RNC: Trump Is Staying on the Ballot

He says the campaign is 'going really well'

(Newser) - Donald Trump is the GOP nominee for president and there will be no refunds or exchanges, the Republican National Committee insisted Wednesday amid rumors that Trump's missteps had panicked it so badly it was looking at options for a replacement and planning to pressure him to drop out. "... More »

Trojan's New Campaign: More Consent

Condom company spreading a 'culture of consent' on college campuses

(Newser) - April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and for the second year in a row, the maker of Trojan condoms wants to help spread the word around college campuses through its "Consent: Ask for It" campaign with the Advocates for Youth nonprofit, per a press release . The goal: for college... More »

Kickstarter Digs Deep Into Case of Doomed Drone

Was Europe's largest Kickstarter ever a scam?

(Newser) - It had all the makings of fraud, or at least some level of incompetence: a Kickstarter product that raised a ton of cash, didn't ship on time to backers, didn't work properly, and sent the manufacturer into bankruptcy. Not only that—it was the largest project out of... More »

Badly Timed ISIS Tweet Ends Minnesota Campaign

Group 'isn't necessarily evil,' just doing what's 'best for their community': pol

(Newser) - A day after Paris' horrific terror attacks (and the same day ISIS claimed responsibility ), a member of Minnesota's DFL Party posted a tweet he now regrets. Per a screenshot via the Minneapolis Star Tribune , Burnsville's Dan Kimmel—who was running for the state House against a 22-year-old... More »

Bush Slashes Staff Pay for Struggling Campaign

Bush camp makes 40% payroll cut, downsizes Miami HQ

(Newser) - Donor pressure, plummeting poll numbers, and a wrench named Trump have caused Jeb Bush's campaign team to start what Reuters calls "reboot mode" and make a drastic decision: slash pay for campaign workers and downsize its Miami headquarters, leading to a 40% payroll decrease and $1 million savings... More »

Mitt: Abortion Not on My Agenda

But spokesperson walks back Romney's comments

(Newser) - Mitt Romney appeared to shake the etch-a-sketch on abortion yesterday, saying he didn't foresee passing any laws limiting abortion rights. "There's no legislation with regards to abortion that I'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda," he told the Des Moines Register , though... More »

Wages Flat Since Obama Took Office

It could be big topic tomorrow, as Romney declares 'talk is cheap'

(Newser) - Wages have stayed virtually frozen since President Obama took office, a fact that Politico notes is starting to get some traction on the campaign trail. When adjusted for inflation, the average hourly wage has crept up a meager 42 cents to $23.41 since 2008. High unemployment is a factor,... More »

Herman Cain Doesn't Appear to Have a Campaign

Reports come in of Cain's light ground operations

(Newser) - Herman Cain has got himself a pretty unconventional presidential campaign—in that it doesn’t appear to exist. Talking Points Memo has noticed a steady stream of reports noting Cain’s astonishingly scant ground presence in all the early voting states. “There is no sense of a tangible organization... More »

IMF Chief Wannabe: I'm 'Firm When People Are Bastards'

Christine Lagarde aims to take over for Strauss-Kahn

(Newser) - With Dominique Strauss-Kahn otherwise engaged , the IMF needs a new boss—and France’s finance minister is planning a world tour to prove she’s best for the job. Christine Lagarde will stop in China, India, and Brazil to offer her platform, which focuses on giving emerging countries more say... More »

Michael Steele Expected to Bow Out of RNC Race

Chairman to announce intentions tonight

(Newser) - Michael Steele will announce tonight whether he plans to run for reelection as RNC chair—and it’s looking unlikely. Steele doesn’t appear to have a reelection team in place. Still, he’s been unpredictable in the past, Politico notes. He sent out a message this weekend advising committee... More »

Morgan Freeman's 'Voice' Hijacked for GOP Ad

N. Carolina congressional candidate drops spot after blast by livid actor

(Newser) - Campaign officials for a North Carolina congressional candidate have finally conceded the voice on a radio and TV spot really isn't Morgan Freeman's, even though they insisted yesterday it was. The confession came after a furious Freeman slammed the campaign for hijacking his endorsement of Republican candidate BJ Lawson, who's... More »

YouTube Yanks Grisly Tea Partier's Abortion Ad

Missy Smith had 2 abortions, now candidate wants to outlaw them

(Newser) - A Tea Party campaign ad featuring graphic images of aborted fetuses is so grisly that it's being blocked from YouTube. The 30-second spot for Washington congressional candidate Missy Smith is, however, running two dozen times on various TV stations in the DC area. But the images are so disturbing that... More »

Aussie Election Rivals in Dead Heat

'The closest election in 50 years'

(Newser) - The top candidates for Australian prime minister are stuck in a statistical dead heat ahead of tomorrow's federal election. Both hopefuls—Prime Minister Julia Gillard of the Labor party and opposition leader Tony Abbott, who represents a center-right coalition—campaigned through the night to earn an edge. "I think... More »

Meg Whitman vs. Carly Fiorina: Catfight!

California's GOP nominees for US Senate, governor share contentious history

(Newser) - Gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman and US Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina are the first women to fill those roles for the California Republican party, which means they're often treated as a unit despite their numerous differences and contentious history. "It's like—OK, we've got two gals running now, they must... More »

Biden Calls Custard Man a 'Smart Ass'

Scooper offers cone for 'lower taxes'

(Newser) - A sweet custard man deemed Joe Biden "very nice" with a "great personality" even after the stumping vice president called him a "smart ass" for suggesting that taxes be lowered. The Milwaukee custard shop manager saw his opening and got in a few licks when Biden stopped... More »

5 Problems With First Lady's Obesity Campaign

Michelle Obama's project exaggerates the issue, for starters

(Newser) - Kate Harding loves 90% of Michelle Obama's childhood obesity initiative—but she has a real problem with the 10% that is "whipping up fear and disgust of the very fat children you're supposedly trying to help." Her objections, in Salon :
  • Exaggeration: Childhood obesity is painted in the most
... More »

Michelle Could Be Dems' Secret Weapon

First lady may well return to campaigning for midterm elections

(Newser) - Though Michelle Obama has taken on junk food rather than Republicans during her first year in the White House, the first lady is popular—so much so that tongues are already wagging at the Hill about how useful a weapon she'll be in the Democrats' 2010 arsenal. Obama is “... More »

Fairey Admits Lying Over 'Hope' Photo

Artist tried to conceal mistake with false evidence

(Newser) - An unexpected twist in the Shepard Fairey copyright fight: The artist admits that he lied about which AP photo he used for his Obama Hope poster and submitted fake evidence to support his claim. His lawyers have now dropped him as the legal fight continues. "I am very sorry... More »

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