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Man to Be Executed in a Way Unlike Any Other US Inmate

Etomidate has never been used before in a lethal injection here

(Newser) - Florida hasn't put anyone to death since January 2016. That's slated to change Thursday, along with one other thing: the drug cocktail used to do so. Mark James Asay, 53, is scheduled to die by lethal injection, with the increasingly difficult to obtain anesthetic midazolam being replaced by... More »

Study Delves Into Horrors of Waking Up During Surgery

Finds that the worst part for many patients is the paralysis

(Newser) - "It felt as though nothing would ever work again—as though the anesthetist had removed everything apart from my soul." That's a quote from a woman who woke up during dental surgery some 15 years ago but was unable to move because of the paralyzing drugs she... More »

NYC Toddler Dies After Circumcision

Jamaal Coleson Jr.'s family demand answers

(Newser) - A toddler died a month shy of his second birthday after a routine circumcision at a Manhattan hospital. Jamaal Coleson Jr.'s uncle accuses Beth Israel Medical Center of botching the operation by giving the boy a general analgesic instead of a local one. Jamaal, who died 10 hours... More »

Cops Found Skin Whiteners, Propofol at Jackson House

Unsealed search warrants reveal stash of drugs

(Newser) - Michael Jackson's house contained large quantities of general anesthetic and dozens of tubes of skin-whitening cream, unsealed search warrants show. Cops found eleven containers of propofol—some enough to serve as general anesthetic for several hours—in a closet where Dr. Conrad Murray told them he had stashed them in... More »

Shot to Brain Could Calm Fears

At least it does in goldfish in Japanese study

(Newser) - A study on goldfish has yielded hope for a temporary fix for humans paralyzed by fear, Japanese scientists say. They injected anesthetic directly into the fishes’ brains—which are similar to many mammals’—and thus switched off its fear center. The news could mean temporary calm for those afraid... More »

Prosecutor Tries to Shut Down Jackson's Doctor

Attorney General wants Conrad Murray's license suspended

(Newser) - California prosecutors don’t want the man they allege killed Michael Jackson practicing medicine. AG Jerry Brown has filed court papers asking that Conrad Murray’s medical license be suspended as a condition of his bail, the Los Angeles Times reports. The judge has already agreed to bar Murray, who... More »

As Doc Snoozed, Aide Killed Jacko With Demerol: Source

Doctor was asleep as fatal dose was given

(Newser) - In the race to figure out what—and who—killed Michael Jackson, the Sun declares itself the winner. A source tells the British tabloid that at Jackson's request, an aide gave him Demerol “but it was too soon after receiving the anesthetic” Propofol earlier in the day from Dr.... More »

Jackson Doc Gave Fatal Drug Dose: Source

(Newser) - A law-enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation into Michael Jackson's death says the star's personal doctor administered the powerful drug authorities believe killed him. Jackson regularly received the anesthetic Propofol to go to sleep. The official, who requested anonymity because the probe is ongoing, said today that Dr. Conrad... More »

Drug Linked to Jackson Death Focus of Recall

Feds report about 40 bad reactions from patients around US

(Newser) - Add this to the tangle of drug-related reports surrounding Michael Jackson's death: Some lots of the potent sedative propofol are being recalled because of contamination, reports ProPublica. Vials of the anesthetic were reportedly found in Jackson's house, though the recall has been triggered not by Jackson's case but by bad... More »

Hot Sauce Could Be the New Morphine

Chemical in chili peppers that burns also numbs—for days

(Newser) - Doctors think they have a hot lead on an alternative to opioid pain killers like morphine: chili peppers. California-based researchers are dripping what is essentially a sterile version of hot sauce—containing capsaicin, the chemical that gives peppers their bite—directly into open wounds during surgery. Just like biting into... More »

Supreme Court Will Take Up Lethal Injection

Constitutionality at issue; docket also includes voting rights

(Newser) - The Supreme Court will take up the constitutionality of lethal injections in what a public defender called one of the most critical death penalty cases “in decades.” The challenge stems from a 2004 suit by two Kentucky inmates on death row who charged that the method constitutes cruel... More »

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