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Hey, Pundits: Think Before You Say 'Nazi,' 'Katrina'

Bush was no member of Third Reich; ObamaCare is no deadly storm: Kathleen Parker

(Newser) - Ask a pundit, and you might learn that ObamaCare is this president's Katrina; or, as Sarah Palin recently attested, that that national debt is like slavery. Plenty of others have called George W. Bush and/or President Obama a "Nazi." It's time to rein in these comparisons,... More »

Olbermann Looking for New Job— at ESPN

President doesn't see a current opening for ex-host

(Newser) - Could Keith Olbermann be returning to his sports-anchor roots? In the midst of a $70 million lawsuit against former employer Current TV, the pundit has been seeking new work at ESPN, the network that kick-started his career, the New York Times reports. Olbermann recently had dinner with network president John... More »

Fox Sidelines Karl Rove, Dick Morris

Post-election, Ailes wants fresh faces

(Newser) - The post-election shake-up at Fox News includes benching two of the pundits who called it wrong the most persistently, New York reports. Under orders from Roger Ailes, producers must get permission before booking Karl Rove or Dick Morris. "The election’s over," says a Fox spokesperson confirming the... More »

How Pundits' Predictions Stacked Up

Nate Silver nailed it, while Rush, Noonan were way off

(Newser) - The official results from Florida aren't in yet but it looks like Nate Silver—whose blog accounted for a fifth of the New York Times' web traffic Monday—correctly called 50 out of 50 states after getting 49 right in 2008. "You know who won the election tonight?... More »

Our Pundit Screw-Ups of the Year

Dana Milbank and Dave Weigel take themselves to task

(Newser) - Political pundits are in the business of making predictions—usually secure in the knowledge that no one will remember when they mess up. “We’re not always wrong,” writes Dave Weigel of Slate . “But we’re wrong enough.” He and Dana Milbank of the Washington Post... More »

Photo Scandal Lands Krystal Ball a Gig as Pundit

Former Congressional candidate now a political pundit

(Newser) - Remember Krystal Ball? She was last year's wackily-named congressional candidate who became well-known only after finding herself in the center of a sexy photo scandal . She lost the election by 29 percentage points, but also found a new career—as a professional pundit, the Washington Post reports. Ball, who... More »

Annual Yale Nude Bash Ends in Sex Assault Probe

Naked party may have been part of hazing by Pundits prank society

(Newser) - Police are investigating an annual nude bash by a private Yale student club that ended with several students in a local hospital following a suspected sexual assault. Yale police officials alerted the student body in an email that a “possible sexual assault involving Yale undergraduates occurred at an off... More »

Give Thanks for Bill Maher, Your 'Cranky Uncle'

Salon columnist: His 'passion seems to be coming from a real place'

(Newser) - The right loves to hate Bill Maher—and sometimes the left hates to love him. With his “prickly-pear” personality and his tendency to rile his audience—and not care in the slightest—“Maher is American punditry’s cranky uncle,” writes Matt Zoller Seitz on Salon . The crankiness... More »

Palin No Intellectual Match for Obama: Juan Williams

Conservatives react to Fox correspondent's analysis

(Newser) - Conservatives rushed to Juan Williams’ aid when NPR fired him—but now, he’s taking heat from the right for saying Sarah Palin “can’t stand on an intellectual stage with Obama.” On Fox News Sunday, the onetime NPR commentator said the field of Republican candidates was “... More »

Obama's Next 'Cave-In': Social Security

Deficit commission, tax cut deal set course for disaster

(Newser) - President Obama already caved on tax cuts, and next up is Social Security, writes Robert Kuttner on the Huffington Post . The tax cut deal will increase the deficit by some $900 billion—offering more leverage to deficit hawks and “adding to the artificial hysteria that Social Security is going... More »

Fox Pundits Slam Palin During Ad Break

Commentators applaud nasty reviews of reality show

(Newser) - Fox News commentators were caught ridiculing their colleague’s reality show during a commercial break—during which their mics were still on. Politics Daily reports that ex-Washington Times editor Liz Trotta gleefully recounted a New York Times review of Sarah Palin’s Alaska which likened it to “The Sound ... More »

Olbermann Donated to 3 Democrats

'Countdown' host appears to breach NBC ethics rules

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann donated $2,400—the maximum individual contribution—apiece to three Democrats before Election Day, apparently breaking NBC rules, Politico reports. The MSNBC host, who has acknowledged the contributions, gave to two Arizona representatives the day one of them, Raul Grijalva, stopped by his show (the other was Gabrielle... More »

Lawrence O'Donnell Gets MSNBC's 10PM Gig

Replaces Olbermann rerun

(Newser) - Longtime MSNBC talking head Lawrence O’Donnell is about to get his own show at 10pm, replacing the rerun of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown that’s been following Rachel Maddow. “I’ve had a part-time job at MSNBC for 14 years,” O’Donnell said in a statement. “... More »

Memo to Boasting Republicans: Shut Up!

You're raising expectations way too high

(Newser) - Ann Coulter lays off the left for once and instead turns her fire on the right: Republicans are raising such "sky-high expectations" for the midterms that even if they do well, "it will look like a defeat," she writes at Human Events . "John Boehner is ludicrously... More »

Meet the Right's 14-Year-Old Superstar

Jonathan Krohn thinks most of his pundit peers act like kids

(Newser) - Jonathan Krohn has appeared on Fox News, written a bestselling book, and calls Newt Gingrich a “good friend.” He’s also 14. But when Samuel Jacobs of the Daily Beast sat down with Krohn, he found someone who considers himself not a prodigy, but a pundit more serious... More »

Lou Dobbs: Obama Birth Questions 'Common Sense'

Left creates 'toxicity' by harping on controversy

(Newser) - Lou Dobbs might’ve softened on illegal immigration as he weighs politics in his post-CNN life, but still isn’t sold that President Obama was born in the US. “When you can create a controversy by asking what seems to me still a perfectly commonsense question?” he says in... More »

ESPN Rules List of Execrable Sports Shows

In top 10, Worldwide Leader takes nine spots

(Newser) - Most sports fans have caught a whiff of ESPN’s non-live-sports programming at some point in the past decade—and the Worldwide Leader takes nine of 10 spots on Sports Media Watch ’s list of the decade’s worst sports shows. (CNBC grabbed No. 8 with John McEnroe’s... More »

Alabama's Ingram Will Win Heisman

Site that's picked past 7 winners tabs Tide RB

(Newser) - Many observers believe Alabama running back Mark Ingram is going to be this year’s Heisman Trophy winner as college football’s top player—and a blog that’s correctly predicted the past seven recipients is one of them. Stiff Arm Trophy has Ingram nosing out Stanford running back Toby... More »

Why Post Poll Matters —and Why It Doesn't

New survey shows more support for public option

(Newser) - A new Washington Post/ABC poll showing an uptick in support for the public option—it stands at 57%—has pundits weighing in on the impact:
  • George Stephanopoulos, ABC: It's likely "those numbers aren't strong enough—at least not yet—to shake enough swing senators off their opposition to the
... More »

Conservatives' Intellectual Savior? Try Glenn Beck

He doesn't always resort to sound bites

(Newser) - Today's conservative movement is largely brain-dead, complains Steven F. Hayward. The deep thinkers of yesteryear have given way to shallow sloganeers from the mass media. Who will be the movement's intellectual savior? Hayward sees hope in an unexpected person: Glenn Beck. Yes, he weeps on cue, but he alone is... More »

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