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Earth Day: Planet Isn't as Round as You Think

And other fun facts and freebies on the 46th celebration of our 'greenest' holiday

(Newser) - Friday marks the 46th celebration of Earth Day, and there's no lack of commemorative trivia, deals, and think pieces honoring Mother Nature and the environment. Here, a roundup of our favorites:
  • No, the Earth's not flat, but it's not exactly perfectly round, either. explains that,
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NSA Recycling Mascot Is a Bit Scary

Apparently a recycling bin needs huge arms

(Newser) - The NSA has revealed its mascot for Earth Day tomorrow, and though the fact that the agency has a recycling mascot is odd enough, Gizmodo reports it's "an anthropomorphized and oddly buff recycling bin named Dunk" that "breaks new ground creepiness-wise." The Verge , meanwhile, thinks he'... More »

America's Greenest City Is ...

Portland, according to an event-finding app

(Newser) - You can measure the green-friendliness of a city in many ways—like its average carbon footprint per citizen or the energy efficiency of buildings. But the event-finding app Gravy has decided to measure cities by the number of pro-environmental events each one hosts in a year, the Huffington Post reports.... More »

20-Year Light Bulb Now on Sale

Energy-saver hits stores for Earth Day

(Newser) - An energy-saving light bulb capable of staying in service until 2032 hit the market yesterday to coincide with Earth Day. The LED light bulb—which won a $10 million US government eco-bulb prize —originally had a hefty $60 price tag but manufacturer Philips has arranged discounts and rebates to... More »

Gulf Spill Will Make Us Care About the Planet Again

Paul Krugman finds a silver lining in changing public opinion

(Newser) - We can't begin to guess the full devastation of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, but Paul Krugman finds an unexpected silver lining: Environmental destruction has become "photogenic again." Just as Earth Day was born four decades ago of an America sickened by images of Santa Barbara beaches coated in... More »

Your 'Green' Shopping Is Killing the Planet

Individual acts don't cut it; we need legislation

(Newser) - Sharon Begley would like to take this moment on Earth Day to burst your little bubble about how much you think you're helping the environment. Sure, buying those ubiquitous "green" products makes everyone feel better, as does recycling, and cutting home energy use. But changing individual behavior doesn't cut... More »

123 Quirky New Species Found in Borneo

World Wildlife Fund hails success of conservation project

(Newser) - A color-changing flying frog, a slug that fires "love darts" into potential mates during courtship, and the world's longest insect are among the 123 new species discovered in central Borneo over the last three years. The World Wildlife Fund has issued a report on the amazing finds to mark... More »

Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day

Search engine goes green for Ma Nature

(Newser) - The Google doodlers are at it again, this time with a vividly green Avatar-like image of a magical woodland to celebrate Earth Day. Clicking on the image on the Google search page calls up everything connected to Earth Day. The doodle marking the green day, founded in 1970 by a... More »

Obama's Earth Day Pitch: 'New Energy Economy'

America must choose a 'new energy economy,' he says

(Newser) - President Obama returned to Iowa—his crucial campaign battleground win—for Earth Day, hailing the “new, clean energy economy” and unveiling an offshore wind project. “It is time for us to lay a new foundation for economic growth by beginning a new era of energy exploration,” he... More »

Leo, Oprah Voted Greenest Celebs

Mariah, Travolta not so much

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey was voted the greenest female celebrity in an Earth Day poll, the New York Daily News reports. Leonardo DiCaprio beat out Brad Pitt and Bono for the No. 1 male spot in the survey by and On the other hand, Mariah Carey is least... More »

Chicago Fines Aim to Kick Smokers' Butts From Beach

City buried in millions of tons of litter

(Newser) - Chicago will fine smokers who toss cigarette butts on the beach—or within 15 feet of one— up to $500. The new law is aimed at cutting the cost of cleaning up after smokers, who have been forced outside by smoking bans, reports the Chicago Tribune. Millions of tons of... More »

Bloomberg Aims to Take NYC Green

Plan calls for $8 fee to drive into Manhattan

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg chose Earth Day to launch an ambitious, expensive and politically uncertain campaign to make New York City “the first environmentally sustainable 21st-century city.” The most provocative proposal: charging drivers $8 a day for entering Manhattan below 86th Street. More »

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