Hadza tribe

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Scientists Find New Obesity Clue in Tanzania

It turns out Westerners and hunter-gatherers have same metabolic rate

(Newser) - Scientists have long thought our hunter-gatherer ancestors burned through many more calories than the TV-watching, desk-sitting people of today, but a new study suggests that may not be the case—and the finding could inform our very modern-day battle against obesity. Researchers studied 30 members of the still-hunter-gatherer Hadza tribe... More »

Women Wired to Fall for Bass Baritones

Study finds evolutionary preference for deep voices

(Newser) - Posh Spice may not agree, but new research shows that women are more drawn to the deep baritone of a Barry White than the higher-pitched squeak of a David Beckham. Studies of the Hadza tribe of Tanzania, whose lifestyle  is similar to that of early man, reveal that men with... More »

2 Stories