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Cops: Boy Hugs Beggar, Beggar Swipes His iPhone

'God bless you,' the man reportedly said

(Newser) - A teenage boy is regretting hugging a panhandler after giving the man some spare change in Harlem. Police say the 14-year-old Bronx boy gave $1 to a man who looked to be in his 30s while waiting for a train home from school around 6pm on Thursday, per DNAInfo New... More »

High School Student Caught Cheating, Kills Herself

Harlem girl cried out 'I'm sorry!' during German-language exam

(Newser) - A student at an elite Harlem high school allegedly killed herself on Thursday after she was caught cheating on an exam and cried out, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Omotayo Adeoye, 17, a student at the High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at City College, was... More »

Death Toll Hits 7 in Harlem Blast; 9 Still Missing

Search efforts continue; 7th body pulled from rubble this morning

(Newser) - The death toll is climbing and hit seven this morning after authorities say a suspected gas leak blew up two apartment buildings in Harlem yesterday, just minutes after a customer called to report the smell of gas. At least 63 are wounded, and more deaths could come as two survivors... More »

3 Dead, Over 50 Injured in Harlem Blast

Mayor de Blasio vows to investigate reports of gas smell

(Newser) - Rep. Charlie Rangel called it "our community's 9/11": Dozens of police officers and firefighters spent the day digging through rubble and dousing flames after a gas leak blew up two buildings in Harlem today, the Daily News reports. The latest tally, per the New York Times : three dead,... More »

How Gas Leaks Can Blow Up Buildings

Harlem explosion is proof of wider problem, experts say

(Newser) - Gas-leak explosions are devastating enough to destroy entire buildings, as we saw this morning in Harlem —and experts tell Popular Mechanics just how it can happen. It's not uncommon for underground pipes to leak gas that gets trapped under several inches of frost in winter and moves sideways,... More »

Rangel Fined $23K for Misusing Rent-Stabilized Pad

FEC finding another blow to NY rep.

(Newser) - Rep. Charles Rangel and his campaign have agreed to cough up a $23,000 fine for using a rent-stabilized New York City apartment as a campaign headquarters. The Federal Election Committee decided by leasing the Harlem apartment at a price well below the market rate, the Democrat had accepted an... More »

Teen Basketball Star Shot Dead Pleading for Her Life

Tayshana Murphy may have been the victim of mistaken identity

(Newser) - A Harlem high school basketball superstar was chased by a gunman into her apartment complex where he shot her three times as she pleaded for her life, say cops. Senior Tayshana "Chicken" Murphy, 18, was already being courted by Division 1 schools, and she dreamed of playing for the... More »

Kidnapped Baby Found 23 Years Later

'Our baby girl is home,' says Nejdra Nance's grandma

(Newser) - A sickly infant snatched from her Harlem hospital crib has been located—23 years after she was kidnapped. Nejdra Nance of Atlanta contacted the distraught mom who always thought her daughter was alive. Nance spotted photos of missing "Carlina" online and thought they looked amazingly like her own baby... More »

Man Caught on Tape Dragging Dead Woman in Suitcase

Curious passerby discovers gruesome contents

(Newser) - A New Yorker has been caught on a surveillance video camera dragging a suitcase stuffed with a dead woman. The problem is, no one knows who he is. The suitcase's grisly contents were discovered by a pedestrian after the hauler dumped it on a Harlem street. The stunned passerby fled... More »

Cell Phone Takes Bullet Intended for NYC Man

He's out a phone but keeps his life

(Newser) - A Harlem resident was spared a gunshot wound by his cell phone today, the New York Post reports. The lucky victim got into a heated argument with another man, who produced a gun and opened fire—only to hit the cell phone in his target's pants pocket. The phone was... More »

Fans Honor Michael Jackson

Hundreds gather in California, Indiana, Japan, New York

(Newser) - Michael Jackson fans around the world honored the singer today on the first anniversary of his death, the AP reports. About 500 fans gathered at Jackson's mausoleum outside LA for a calm but emotional tribute to the King of Pop. "He's been my idol all my life since I... More »

New Rangel Challenge From Adam Clayton Powell IV

NY lawmaker aims to take back seat Rangel took from dad

(Newser) - In a twist of fate, New York lawmaker Adam Clayton Powell IV will use Charlie Rangel’s ethics problems against him in an upcoming House Democratic primary, much as Rangel used similar allegations against Powell’s father to unseat him in 1970. But Powell’s decision to mount a challenge... More »

Blacks No Longer Majority in Harlem

4 in 10 are African-American in cultural capital

(Newser) - Harlem, the New York City neighborhood often characterized as the capital of black culture in the US, no longer has a majority African-American population. And the shift that occurred a decade ago has accelerated in recent years as whites and Hispanics have bought into an area abandoned by many blacks... More »

Harlem Choir Pulls Out of Beck Broadcast

A bout-face follows lobbying by anti-Beck Color for Change

(Newser) - Anti-Glenn Beck group Color for Change claimed a major victory yesterday when the Harlem Gospel Choir canceled a planned performance with the bombastic right-wing poster boy. The choir withdrew from a simulcast which will accompany Beck's Christmas Sweater opening in theaters this week shortly after being sent excerpts from Beck... More »

Raging Rangel Denies Rent Deal

Lawmaker defends taking up 4 rent-controlled units in city short of housing

(Newser) - A testy Charles Rangel yesterday brushed off accusations that he had enjoyed special treatment in occupying four rent-controlled apartments, reports the New York Times. The veteran Democratic congressman denied he had a "sweetheart" deal with his landlord and slammed the Times article that started the controversy. The 78-year-old chairman... More »

Rangel Enjoys Sweet Deal on 4 Harlem Apartments

Dem faces questions over big savings on rent

(Newser) - A powerful Democratic lawmaker is getting a sweet deal on four Harlem apartments, the New York Times reports. Charles Rangel has four rent-stabilized apartments, whose rents are controlled by city law. Three of the apartments are combined into one luxury unit, and the fourth is used as an office—despite... More »

8 Shot in Harlem Rampage

Teens in hospital after gunman seeks revenge

(Newser) - At least seven young people are in the hospital with gunshot wounds after a shooter went on a rampage in Harlem, the New York Daily News reports. Cops believe the gunman was taking revenge after being jumped at a basketball tournament earlier in the day. The victims, all but one... More »

Why Brown Is Still Hung Up on Black

Latinos, eying both whites and blacks warily, lean toward lighter hues

(Newser) - The US Latino community is made up of 20 nationalities and 44 million people, but it is largely in agreement on one thing—suspicion of, and often condescension toward, blacks, Ernesto Quiñonez writes in Esquire. Quiñonez remembers growing up in East Harlem, recalling “pecking orders and historic... More »

Incoming Gov. No Stranger to Establishment

Spitzer successor Paterson is known as progressive, conciliator

(Newser) - He's nothing like the New York governor who precedes him, but David Paterson brings skills that could take him far in Albany—and question marks, too. The lieutenant governor had been ready to move into Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, Politico reports, but arrives instead at the statehouse with a... More »

Obama Visits MLK's Church

Senator speaks of 'empathy deficit' as Clinton campaigns in Harlem

(Newser) - On the eve of Martin Luther King, Jr. day, Barack Obama visited the civil rights leader’s old church and repeated his mantra of unity, the Chicago Tribune reports. “If enough Americans were awakened to the injustice,” Obama said, “if they joined together, then perhaps that wall... More »

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