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Family: Bobbi Kristina Is Awake

Brown's dad, aunt say she is off life support

(Newser) - Bobby Brown confused the gossip world Saturday night when he said while performing at a concert in Texas, "Bobbi is awake. She's watching me." But now it appears he was speaking literally and that his and Whitney Houston's daughter, who has been in a coma since... More »

Newsweek Bids Itself Farewell

Last print edition of the once-iconic mag is out tomorrow

(Newser) - There will be no more weekly wondering what crazy cover concoction Tina Brown & Co. have put together to greet you in the supermarket checkout: Newsweek has printed its final print issue, and it is going out with an old-school-meets-new-school bow to itself, notes Mashable . The cover features a retro... More »

Media World Freaks Over Newsweek Cover

Editor Tina Brown does it again

(Newser) - Chalk up one more for Newsweek in the magazine cover wars: Their latest headline, "Muslim Rage," runs in big black font over a photo of furious Muslim protesters. The cover article by activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali recounts her tale of emancipation from Muslim fundamentalism, but also makes an... More »

Are Magazines Beyond Saving?

Editorial moves may be irrelevant in fading industry: David Carr

(Newser) - Since taking the helm at Newsweek in late 2010, Tina Brown has taken heat for cover stories calling Obama "the first gay president," celebrating restaurants amid a struggling economy, and portraying Michele Bachmann with crazy eyes , among others . But regardless of her editorial choices, Brown may have been... More »

Bloggers Give Newsweek S&M Story a Good Spanking

Katie Roiphe ties female submission to feminist victories

(Newser) - Author Katie Roiphe has whipped up a storm with her Newsweek/Daily Beast cover article on submissive female sex fantasies. Roiphe's argument: "that huge numbers of women are eagerly consuming myriad and disparate fantasies of submission"—think Girls, A Dangerous Method, Fifty Shades of Grey—"at a... More »

Stewart Scolds Newsweek for 'Crazy Eyes' Bachmann

Use her words against her, not a bad photo, Daily Show host says

(Newser) - Newsweek's Michele Bachmann story this week came with a highly unflattering cover photo, even drawing criticism from some of the GOP hopeful's foes. Jon Stewart also slammed the magazine for the choice of photo, accusing Newsweek of adding weight to conservative claims of liberal media bias. "One... More »

New Newsweek Not a Total Flop

Newsstand sales of first three issues up over 2010 average

(Newser) - Jack Shafer may have called Tina Brown's Newsweek "a meal that a homeless person would walk away from," and the April 12 issue may have had a slim six ads , but score one for Brown: Her Newsweek isn't festering at the newsstand. Sales of Brown'... More »

Newsweek-Beast Merger: Marriage of the 'Wounded'?

...but Tina Brown could pull it off

(Newser) - With Newsweek and the Daily Beast teaming up, Tina Brown, who will edit both publications, has a lot on her plate. Media critics are divided on the move; some call success unlikely. “The merger may be a marriage of two wounded media operations," writes Douglas McIntyre at Daily... More »

It's Official: Newsweek, Daily Beast to Merge

Companies make announcement amid rumors

(Newser) - It's official: Newsweek and the Daily Beast will merge. This morning's announcement comes after yesterday's rumors —and despite last month's report that merger talks were killed. Tina Brown will in fact serve as editor-in-chief of both Newsweek magazine and the Daily Beast; current Beast president Stephen Colvin will be... More »

Newsweek, Daily Beast Will Merge: Report

Tina Brown will run both editorial staffs

(Newser) - It looks like the rumored marriage between Newsweek and the Daily Beast website is a go after all. The New York Observer says the two will announce a 50-50 merger tomorrow morning. Beast editor Tina Brown will run both staffs with "strong editorial independence," writes Nick Summers, citing... More »

Daily Beast, Newsweek Kill Merger Talks

Tina Brown, Stephen Harman unable to agree on editorial control

(Newser) - The Daily Beast and Newsweek have pulled off a pre-marital divorce, reports the Wall Street Journal , with merger talks breaking down over the weekend over the finer points of editorial control. Though both parties stood to save costs by consolidating the editorial staff, the Journal notes that Beast co-owners Tina... More »

Brown, Huffington Tweak Feud Report

HuffPo, Daily Beast proprietors trash Guardian rumors

(Newser) - Sure, the Daily Beast's Tina Brown wants a Newsweek merger because she crazy-hates rival Arianna Huffington, or so claims the Guardian. "We are sooooo busted," laments one AriHuff in a "leaked" IM conversation with one TBrown. "How did they find out we 'simply cannot stand each... More »

Obama Needs This Guy on Climate Bill

The professor needs Arnold to lend some muscle

(Newser) - The biggest environmental disaster in our history is strangling the Gulf, but instead of using it to sound the battle cry for his energy bill, President Obama is in danger of nerdifying yet another reform. The solution, writes Tina Brown at the Daily Beast, is simple: Send in the Governator.... More »

Edwards Comes Off as 'Sinister,' 'Phony' in Book

And author/ex-lackey Andrew Young looks just as bad

(Newser) - Andrew Young’s The Politician is a mesmerizing, downright chilling book, which leaves both its subject and author looking like absolute scum. In one corner there’s Young, Edwards’ “body man, beard and shit-eating courtier,” a “craven acolyte” so pathetic that his main act of rebellion against... More »

Can the Catty Remarks on Clinton's Weight

Focus on appearance is dragging down both politics and journalism

(Newser) - Remarks like Tina Brown's recent crack on MSNBC that Hillary Clinton "needs to get back in the gym," are dragging public debate down to a high-school level, Chloe Angyal writes at SpliceToday. Nobody's looking too hard at the waistline of male politicians or diplomats, Angyal notes, but... More »

The Beast's Roar Fades

(Newser) - Is media darling Tina Brown headed for another disaster? That's what the Observer is asking, noting that traffic to the celebrity editor's website dropped 17% after its glitzy launch last fall. Despite a start-up budget said to be as high as $18 million, and a staff of 24, the Daily... More »

Post-Russert, NBC Should Remake Meet the Press

NBC seems set on finding a Russert clone, but that's a mistake: Brown

(Newser) - Paralyzed by the perceived necessity of finding a Tim Russert doppelganger, NBC has already taken too long to choose a new host for Meet the Press, writes Tina Brown for the Daily Beast. “Russert defined an era,” Brown writes, "but that era is over.” Tom Brokaw... More »

Tina's Book Slams Diana

Ten years later, a tell-all book draws again on never-ending public fascination

(Newser) - A new book about Princess Diana portrays her as a "spiteful, manipulative, media-savvy neurotic" more in love with her title than with Prince Charles, the Daily Mail reports. Ex-New Yorker editor Tina Brown's book, timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Diana's death, depicts the heir apparent as... More »

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