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Mo. Auditor's Rep Kills Self Month After Boss Did: Cops

Robert 'Spence' Jackson found dead just weeks after auditor Tom Schweich

(Newser) - A strange, tragic story just got even stranger and more tragic: The spokesman for Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich—a gubernatorial candidate who killed himself Feb. 26 just minutes after arranging interviews with the media—has apparently taken his own life, the AP reports. Jefferson City Police officers found Robert "... More »

Tax Cheating, Easy? Experts Tell You How

Accountants and tax lawyers share tips for beating Uncle Sam

(Newser) - So the New York Times is offering tips for tax cheaters. Guess we know which newspaper will be audited next—but for now, let's take advantage of the paper's survey of 20 tax lawyers, accountants, and policy wonks:
  • The easiest way to cheat is ... running your own company—
... More »

GM, Auditors Doubt Survival Unless Sales Pick Up Fast

Bankruptcy threatens if auto sales don't pick up

(Newser) - General Motors and its auditors expressed doubts about the automaker’s survival in an SEC filing today. Bankruptcy looms, the firm notes, if the viability plan it gave Congress fails, MarketWatch reports. That plan depends on vehicle sales recovering next year, as well as the company's ability to get financing... More »

SEC Under Fire for Flubbing Madoff Warnings

Judge liquidates confessed fraudster's investment firm

(Newser) - The SEC is coming under fire for failing to spot what may be the biggest securities fraud in history, the Washington Post reports. The regulator received repeated warnings from 1999 onwards that Bernard Madoff's investment fund was fishy, but failed to conduct even a routine examination until Madoff blew the... More »

Red Flags Didn't Stop Colossal Madoff Fraud

Steady returns, tiny auditors prompted questions

(Newser) - Bernard Madoff's investment operation—found this week to be a massive Ponzi scheme that lost as much as $50 billion—raised plenty of red flags over the last decade, the Wall Street Journal reports. As far back as 1999, Madoff’s steady returns in wide-ranging markets seemed unrealistic to some... More »

US Oil Program Troubled: Report

Management issues plague Interior Dept. collection service

(Newser) - An Interior Department report has found that the internal program responsible for collecting $10 billion per year from companies that drill on US land is plagued by unethical practices and mismanagement. The report cited “profound failure,” and said the agency—which is years behind in its billing—wasn’... More »

6 Stories