Hubert Humphrey

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Kennedy's Senate Class Full of Lions

Giants abound in 88th Senate

(Newser) - It’s no wonder Ted Kennedy became a lion of the Senate, writes Tom Schaller of he learned from the best. Kennedy began his first full term with the 88th Congress in 1963, and the list of senators sworn in alongside him contains “a safari’s worth... More »

LBJ Saw 'Treason' in Candidate Nixon's Actions

(Newser) - As the tumultuous 1968 presidential campaign closed, Lyndon Johnson learned of attempts by Richard Nixon's aides to undermine peace efforts in Vietnam, actions he referred to as "treason," The final batch of audio recordings made during LBJ's administration, released yesterday by his presidential library, capture the frustration of... More »

Hillary Will Win Huge Leverage in Narrow Defeat

She stands to be more powerful than any loser in history

(Newser) - It doesn’t look like Hillary Clinton will be the Dem nominee this year, but she “may gain more leverage from losing than almost any other failed presidential candidate,” says Michael Tackett in a Chicago Tribune piece about what’s in store for the second-place finisher. Assuming she... More »

‘Cowardice’ Made LBJ Grow War

Schlesinger diaries depict liberal flight as prez sought heroism

(Newser) - President Johnson’s motives for escalating the Vietnam War were “psychological and political rather than military,” wrote insider Arthur Schlesinger Jr. The former Kennedy hand documented the flight of top liberals from LBJ, even as he psychoanalyzed the president’s 1966-1967 decision to play “the war to... More »

4 Stories