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Hackers: We Brought Down Xbox, PlayStation Services

Gamers frustrated by Christmas outages

(Newser) - Thousands of people who got new Xboxes or PlayStations for Christmas were left frustrated yesterday as both networks suffered major disruptions. The problems began Christmas Eve and persisted through the next day, with Microsoft and Sony telling users they were aware of the issues and were doing their best to... More »

How Technology Led to a Child's Abduction— and Rescue

iPod helped authorities find girl said to have been talking to man online

(Newser) - The story of a 12-year-old girl's kidnapping fuels concerns about the dangers of the Internet—even as it demonstrates how today's devices can come to the rescue, Ars Technica reports. The Baltimore-area girl, identified in court as Jane Doe, communicated with several men via Xbox Live and social... More »

PlayStation, XBox Services Hacked; Tweet Points to ISIS

Sony exec's plane diverted over threat

(Newser) - Multiple major gaming networks faced technical trouble this weekend, and reports suggest hackers are to blame. Sony's PlayStation Network was down yesterday; Microsoft's Xbox Live and Blizzard's were among other services apparently affected, the BBC reports. Meanwhile, a Sony executive was threatened in the air:... More »

Microsoft Reveals New XBox, Focuses on TV, Not Games

Including a new Halo series from Steven Spielberg

(Newser) - Microsoft unveiled its long-awaited next-generation XBox today, touting more than anything its bevy of advanced entertainment features, calling it an "all-in-one system for games, movies, and entertainment," and announcing an exclusive, live-action Halo TV show produced by Steven Spielberg. Here's what you need to know, drawn from... More »

Your Next Cable Box: Xbox Live

Microsoft revamping service

(Newser) - The latest competition aiming to replace your cable box: Xbox Live. Microsoft is ramping up its online entertainment service starting tomorrow, allowing subscribers to watch a variety of television from their Xbox 360. In addition, rather than the tedious process of using a remote control to search for shows listed... More »

Microsoft Planning XBox TV Service

Television tech battle back on

(Newser) - Microsoft is planning to leap back into the battle for American living rooms with a new TV service, sources tell Reuters. The company has held talks with TV networks about creating a TV service to be delivered through the XBox console, establishing a "virtual cable operator" that would charge... More »

Tips for Parents of Gamers

Play with your kids; look beyond ESRB ratings

(Newser) - Video games can present a real challenge to parents—banning them from the household is too harsh, but allowing children to play without restrictions can lead to unhealthy consequences. Ars Technica compiles seven pointers:
  1. Remember that it’s like any other parenting challenge. The easiest way to discern gaming’s
... More »

Twitter and Facebook Come to Xbox 360

Microsoft console gets motion-sensor camera, Spielberg to show it

(Newser) - In a bid to make its Xbox 360 more interactive, Microsoft is bringing Twitter, Facebook,, a lightning-speed video service, and—brace yourself—a motion-sensing camera that knows who you are just by reading your face to the console, Ars Technica reports. The company even brought in Steven Spielberg... More »

GTA IV Rides Again in Lost and the Damned

Download-only add-on episode revs new life into franchise's fourth outing

(Newser) - Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned brings gamers back to a Liberty City as gritty and darkly funny as ever, Seth Schiesel writes in the New York Times. The add-on episode, only available as a download through the Xbox Live service, swiftly ditches GTA IV's protagonist... More »

Microsoft Opens Game Creation to Users

Games made by gamers for gamers coming to XBox Live

(Newser) - Microsoft says it's going to bring democracy to video game creation and distribution, MSNBC reports. Microsoft's game-making kit has been a popular download, and the company is now introducing a way for gamers to share the games they make with millions of fellow enthusiasts. They plan to launch a YouTube-style... More »

Disgruntled Xbox Players Will Get Free Game

Microsoft apologizes for swamped system over holidays

(Newser) - Microsoft apologized to Xbox players who weren’t able to access its online gaming system over Christmas and promised them a free game to make up for it. The software company said the system got swamped by too many users trying to play at once. Members of the service will... More »

'Halo 3' Hits $300M in Sales

Microsoft hoping franchise will help it win the console wars

(Newser) - Video-game phenomenon "Halo 3" earned more than $300 million in global sales during its first week, Microsoft announced today. Although specific figures were not released, the Wall Street Journal reports, the game surely also drove up sales of its Xbox 360 console, which previously had been flagging in competition... More »

'Halo 3' Sells Record $170M in First Day

Explosive debut stands to boost Microsoft's Xbox 360 console

(Newser) - Microsoft's "Halo 3" lived up the hype, the Wall Street Journal reported today, bringing in an estimated $170 million on its first day of release to shatter the record set by its predecessor, "Halo 2." Analysts say the first-person shooter game should be a boon for sales... More »

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