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Homeland Security Candidate Accidentally Leaks His Plan

Kris Kobach's ideas include 'extreme vetting'

(Newser) - Potential Homeland Security chief Kris Kobach has a thing to learn about keeping his own documents secure: The Kansas secretary of state was photographed with his "Department of Homeland Security Kobach Strategic Plan for First 365 Days" clearly visible before a meeting with Donald Trump on Sunday, the AP... More »

Ariz. Hospital Fires 3 for Snooping on Shooting Victims

Three employees accessed confidential medical records

(Newser) - The University Medical Center in Tucson has fired three employees for illicitly accessing confidential medical records on the victims of Saturday’s shooting. The hospital is playing host to six of the people injured in the shooting, including Gabrielle Giffords, according to the Arizona Daily Star . Administrators announced the firings... More »

'TigerText' iPhone App Bails Out Philanderers

App automatically deletes text—or sext—message trail

(Newser) - Tiger Woods probably wishes he’d had TigerText, a new iPhone app that automatically deletes sensitive text messages and cleans up cellphone call records. When a user sends a TigerText, it resides on the company’s servers. After the recipient reads the message, the system deletes it immediately, 5 days... More »

Pelosi: I Knew Harman Was Wiretapped

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi said today she knew fellow California Democrat Jane Harman was the subject of intelligence wiretaps, but she couldn’t spill because the information had come in a confidential briefing, CQ Politics reports. “Even if I wanted to share it with her I would not have had the... More »

Financial PR Firms Walk a Thin Line

(Newser) - An insider trading case has exposed the potentially problematic relationship between PR companies and corporate clients, and it could have dire consequences for at least one firm, Reuters reports. A Lehman Brothers employee is charged with leaking merger information he got from his wife, a partner at the Brunswick Group... More »

Secret UK Terrorism Files Left on Train—Again

Misplaced papers look bad for Gordon Brown government

(Newser) - For the second time this week, confidential British government documents on fighting terrorism were left on a train and passed to the media. The papers blast countries like Iran for financial policies that can be used to terrorists’ advantage, reports the Independent, which released no other details about the documents.... More »

14 More Called Out for Medical Snooping

State says 68 people peeked at celebrities' files at UCLA center

(Newser) - Fourteen more staffers at the UCLA medical center have been accused of snooping in celebrities’ files, raising the number to 68, the Los Angeles Times reports. A new state report blames UCLA for its lack of privacy protection and for failing to report the snooping to authorities. It also provides... More »

UCLA Medical Center Snoop Indicted

Woman accused of selling stars' medical records to tabloids

(Newser) - A former UCLA Medical Center employee has been indicted for snooping in the medical records of the stars and selling the information to tabloids, the Los Angeles Times reports. Lawanda Jackson is accused of making thousands from the sale of information about celebrities including Farrah Fawcett and Maria Shriver. She... More »

WTC Blueprints Found in Trash

After huge security breach, vagrant spots documents

(Newser) - A vagrant sifting through a trash can found confidential blueprints for the Freedom Tower, the New York Post reports. Though the documents are not complete, they contain sufficient information, such as the thickness of the building’s concrete core and schematics of the ventilation system, to facilitate a potentially devastating... More »

Nosy UCLA MDs Got Off Easier Than Other Staff

Some of the non-docs who peeked at Britney's files were fired

(Newser) - The MDs who wrongly looked at Britney Spears’ medical records while she was being treated on two occasions at UCLA hospitals have gotten off easier than other staff, the Los Angeles Times reports. Of the at least 53 snoopers, 18 non-doctors retired, resigned, or were dismissed, but none of the... More »

UCLA Worker Snooped in Farrah's Files

News of star's recurring cancer was leaked to tabloid

(Newser) - A UCLA staffer sneaked peeks into actress Farrah Fawcett's confidential health records and apparently leaked information on her treatment for cancer to the media, the Los Angeles Times reports. Sensational headlines about Fawcett's illness subsequently turned up on the website of the National Enquirer before the star had a chance... More »

UCLA Staff Peeked Into Brit's Records

Hospital moving to fire 13 after second wave of Spears snooping

(Newser) - A California hospital is trying to terminate some 13 employees, and has already disciplined others, for poking around in Britney Spears’ medical records, the Los Angeles Times reports. The firings come after bosses at UCLA Medical Center specifically warned employees about unnecessary perusal of patient files on the morning of... More »

New Iraq NIE Likely to Remain Secret

Officials keen to keep report classified after Iran estimate flap

(Newser) - Intelligence officials may keep the results of a new assessment on Iraq confidential when it's completed next month, the Washington Post reports. The new National Intelligence Estimate will be given to Congress, but intelligence officials are gunshy about making it public because of the brouhaha that erupted when they released... More »

eBay Identity Thefts Raise Fears

Members personal data posted on forum

(Newser) - A sinister incident in which confidential information of 1,200 eBay users was posted on a discussion forum is raising questions about the security of the world's biggest online marketplace. PC World reports that a person eBay called "a malicious fraudster" posted the personal data, visible for an hour... More »

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