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Model Isabelle Caro's Mother Commits Suicide

Marie Caro reportedly feeling 'enormous guilt'

(Newser) - A sad footnote to a tragic story: The mother of Isabelle Caro, the anorexic model who died last month , has committed suicide. Marie Caro's husband told a Swiss paper that she felt "enormous guilt" about her daughter's eating disorder and death and was beside herself over the press coverage... More »

Anorexic Isabelle Caro Wanted to 'Send a Strong Message'

Death of French actress-model leaves friends at a loss

(Newser) - The death of anorexic French actress Isabelle Caro has her many supporters lamenting the 15-year struggle that took her life at age 28. Highlights from an overview at AOL News :
  • At her worst moments—she got down to less than 60 pounds at times—Caro ate two squares of chocolate
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French Model in Anti-Anorexia Campaign Dead at 28

Isabelle Caro appeared on billboards to warn about disorder

(Newser) - Isabelle Caro, a French actress and model whose emaciated image appeared in a shock ad campaign against anorexia, has died at age 28. A friend said she didn't know the cause of death but that Caro "had been sick for a long time," referring to her anorexia. Caro... More »

Anorexic Ads Spark Furor

Will shocking Nolita pics of 68-pound actress help or hurt battle against illness?

(Newser) - Gruesome photos of a naked anorexic actress on billboards across Italy are sparking controversy among health experts. The shots of French actress Isabelle Caro, taken by provocative photographer Oliviero Toscani, are featured in ads for Italian fashion label Nolita with a text that reads: "No Anorexia." The campaign... More »

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