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Frisco Debates Downtown Traffic Fee

Motorists balk at prospect of paying up to $5 to drive to city center

(Newser) - A plan to charge motorists for driving downtown in peak hours could be a step too far even for famously green San Francisco, the Los Angeles Times reports. City officials say the plan, which would be the first of its kind in the nation if it passes, would reduce traffic... More »

Assembly Sinks NYC Congestion Pricing Measure

Tolls for high-traffic areas had been mayor's pet project

(Newser) - New York state legislators today killed a plan that would have brought congestion pricing—higher fees at peak traffic hours—to parts of Manhattan, a major defeat for Mike Bloomberg, the Times reports. The mayor and a coalition of environmental groups backed the idea, but legislators from the city's outer... More »

NYC Approves Congestion Toll

City passes $8 fee to drive into midtown Manhattan

(Newser) - New York City has moved a step closer to charging drivers $8 to enter midtown Manhattan. The City Council voted 30-20 in favor of the proposal, known as "congestion pricing," that has already been established in cities like London to reduce traffic. The next hurdle is approval from... More »

Bloomberg Aims to Take NYC Green

Plan calls for $8 fee to drive into Manhattan

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg chose Earth Day to launch an ambitious, expensive and politically uncertain campaign to make New York City “the first environmentally sustainable 21st-century city.” The most provocative proposal: charging drivers $8 a day for entering Manhattan below 86th Street. More »

4 Stories