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Ted Cruz: Proud to Be a Wacko Bird

(Newser) - For its upcoming edition, GQ profiles controversial Tea Party Republican and possible Canadian Ted Cruz. It's a long one, full of colorful anecdotes about the man in the ostrich-skin cowboy boots, so we've plucked out some of the highlights:
  • Cruz has embraced the "Wacko Bird" nickname bestowed
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Oscar Pistorius: 'Adrenaline Freak'

Michael Sokolove recalls a fearful man

(Newser) - Following Oscar Pistorius' murder charge , a journalist who profiled him last year for the New York Times reflects on the runner. "He was far nicer" and had "better manners" than many American athletes, Michael Sokolove writes for the Times . But he was still a source of "worry"... More »

Maurice Sendak: 'My Work Is Not Great'

He's 'wrong, of course,' counters Dave Eggers in Vanity Fair

(Newser) - Maurice Sendak may be 83, but he’s not slowing down—in fact, he may be picking up speed. Sendak has a new book coming out, the first in 30 years that he’s both written and illustrated, writes Dave Eggers in Vanity Fair . Bumble-Ardy, about a pig whose family... More »

Here's Another Error in the Sarah Palin Profile

Media too willing to print thinly sourced 'nonsense' about her

(Newser) - Ben Smith continues to pick apart the Sarah Palin profile in Vanity Fair that's causing such a fuss. At his Politico blog , he lays out another inaccuracy—an anecdote about Palin using her kids as political props that places Trig at an event he never attended—and calls it "... More »

MySpace Axes Profile of Sex Murder Suspect

Man charged in teen's death listed as 'Jason Stud'

(Newser) - Turns out a MySpace user with a sexy profile is a registered sex offender who has been charged with the rape and murder of California teenager Chelsea King. MySpace has now removed the profile of John Albert Gardner, who used a fake name, email and hometown to register his account.... More »

Roger Ebert: I'm Not Dying

And he's fine with the jarring photo in 'Esquire'

(Newser) - Like others who read the profile of Roger Ebert in Esquire, Ebert himself got a "jolt" when he saw the full-page photo of face, now altered by cancer surgeries. But he has no regrets about it. "Not a lovely sight," he writes in the Chicago Sun-Times . "... More »

OMG, Enuf With Ur Duckface

Social networks groan under weight of bad profile mugs

(Newser) - Chances are, if it doesn’t describe the face you’re making in your Facebook profile picture, it describes one (and likely more) of your friends: the pouty-kissy duckface. And the minds behind Stop Making That Duckface! are sick of it. “Stop doing it,” reads the manifesto just... More »

Obama's Best Pal Keeps Him in Line

When Jarrett weighs in, prez listens

(Newser) - When the president has made up his mind, there’s one person who can change it: Valerie Jarrett, who acts as his “intermediary to the outside world,” Robert Draper writes in a hefty New York Times Magazine profile. “There are two people he’s not going to... More »

Rahm Less Partisan, More Powerful

Obama's no. 2 tones down trademark partisanship

(Newser) - President Obama’s chief of staff has a reputation as a feisty, vicious partisan, but he’s trying to tone it down as he takes a central role in the White House, writes Mark Leibovich in the New York Times. Never far from his boss, Emanuel is more “chief”... More »

Jill Biden Goes Her Own Way

VP-Elect's wife won't be sticking to Naval Conservatory

(Newser) - Jill Biden is not your typical vice presidential spouse. She has four degrees, three kids, and a teaching career that’s unlikely to take a back seat to her Washington duties, Politico reports. “She’ll still teach in the spring, but hopefully near Washington,” said a colleague at... More »

Vince Vaughn Is Livin' Large

(Newser) - Vince Vaughn looks much like his on-screen persona in real life, except bigger. Much bigger, writes Chris Jones of Esquire. Though he's writing a script with longtime buddy Jon Favreau, co-starring with Reese Witherspoon in a holiday flick, and finishing a “fantastic” documentary about Belfast, his "great golden... More »

Winslet's Back, With Eyes on Oscar

Actress reunites with DiCaprio, stars in two films likely to earn her some hardware

(Newser) - Kate Winslet isn’t a demure lady, she just plays one on the screen. The foul-mouthed, roll-your-own-smokes former “fat girl” was ecstatic to be the youngest actress with five Oscar nominations two years ago, but “you bet your (expletive) ass” she wants to actually win one this time... More »

Jury Selection Turns to Facebook, Blogs, Data

Experts mine online profiles for background on jurors' views

(Newser) - Get called for jury duty these days, and you can expect attorneys to know a lot more about you than they let on. Trial consultants who used to specialize in legwork—visiting neighbors and friends to gather clues to potential jurors' views—are now expert Web surfers, tracing things like... More »

Scruffy Rogen Rising Star of 'Comedy Mafia'

Pineapple Express may rocket scruffy actor to big bucks

(Newser) - Seth Rogen's comedy career stumbled for years, but Pineapple Express may catapult him into full-fledged movie stardom, Alex Pappademas writes in GQ. Films like Knocked Up established Rogen as a hilarious "bromantic" lead, and the action-comedy Pineapple, which he co-wrote, proves the scruffy stoner can hold his own with... More »

Inside Pam's Wacko World

Andrew Goldman writes of a weird road trip and interview

(Newser) - Is Pamela Anderson playing us all? Andrew Goldman can’t seem to make up his mind, as he reports on a wacky road trip with the silicone diva for Radar. Goldman does manage to tease a few salient facts out of the actress, who is producing a new “docu-series”... More »

Steroid Peddlers Want to Friend You

MySpace users nabbed in nationwide drug sting

(Newser) - There were 120 alleged criminals pinched this week in a Connecticut steroids crackdown, but only five are accused of selling drugs on MySpace. Four are accused of purchasing raw Chinese steroid power, manufacturing the drugs in their homes and selling them through the social-networking site, the New York Times reports.... More »

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