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EgyptAir Investigators May Have Caught a Break

Signal from plane's beacon will narrow search

(Newser) - A possible big break in the hunt for the wreckage of EgyptAir Flight 804 : Investigators say they've detected a signal from an emergency beacon on the plane, reports the BBC . The discovery will narrow the scope of the search to an area with a 3-mile radius in the Mediterranean,... More »

Train Warning Was 10 Seconds Late in Texas Crash

Alert designed to sound 10 seconds earlier

(Newser) - The railroad crossing where four veterans were killed this month should have given a 30-second warning of an approaching train, the Wall Street Journal finds. Instead, it gave just 20 seconds' notice, via bells and flashing lights, investigators say. Seven seconds after the lights began flashing , the rail gate began... More »

Signals Detected, but Officials Deny They're Flight 447's

Submarine sent to probe ocean floor

(Newser) - Rescuers are hot on the track of signals picked up deep in the Atlantic that could be from one of Air France Flight 447's black boxes, Le Monde reported today, but a French official denied that the signals could be originating from the doomed plane's flight recorder. “The black... More »

Cell Phone Jamming Just Got a Lot More User-Friendly

Suddenly the devices are small and cheap

(Newser) - Devices that can scramble cell phone calls have been available for years, but now they might be within reach for ordinary airwaves saboteurs. Cell phone jammers are illegal in the US, and their bulk and expense have kept them rare. That may change, with an online catalog selling what ComputerWorld ... More »

4 Stories