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S. Africa's Ruling Party Splits

Historic convention heralds birth of new party

(Newser) - The African National Congress has run South Africa essentially unchallenged since the fall of apartheid, but that may have changed forever this weekend as 6,400 delegates gathered to celebrate the birth of a new opposition party. A chunk of lawmakers loyal to Thabo Mbeki is breaking way from the... More »

Mugabe Detains His Challenger

Tsvangirai's party blasts 'illegal detention' during campaign

(Newser) - The leader of Zimbabwe’s opposition was detained today while campaigning, MSNBC reports. Morgan Tsvangirai, back in the country to challenge Robert Mugabe in a June 27 presidential run-off, is being held by police along with 14 other Movement for Democratic Change officials, the party said. More »

Opposition Will Boycott Musharraf Election

Vow to resign from parliament next week

(Newser) - Pakistani opposition leaders vow to vacate their legislative seats to protest President Pervez Musharraf's bid for re-election next week, the BBC reports. Members of the influential MMA religious alliance say they will resign from parliament and four provincial assemblies, which decide who will be the next president. More »

3 Stories