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Top Colleges Steer Grads Away from Wall Street

Students, staff encourage grads to expand horizons

(Newser) - For many seniors at elite US universities, Wall Street provides a straightforward path to a job—particularly since big banks often dominate campus recruiting. But recently, fellow students and staff alike have urged graduating classes to consider a wider array of options, the Los Angeles Times reports. A nationwide campaign... More »

Hipster Start-Up Offers New Hires a Year's Supply of Beer

Along with skinny jeans and $10K bonus

(Newser) - A tech start-up in San Francisco is offering perks to new hires consistent with its name: Hipster . Successful applicants will get $10,000, a year's supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon, skinny jeans, Buddy Holly glasses, brown boots, etc. It's a sign of the ultra-fierce competition for engineers among... More »

Skirting Bailout Rules, Banks Send Foreign Hires Abroad

(Newser) - Banks who have taken TARP funds from the government are getting creative about the immigration restrictions that come with the bailout, the Wall Street Journal reports. Financial institutions relying on government assistance cannot hire foreign workers unless they prove that they have exhausted the supply of native talent. So they’... More »

Will Costly Options Hurt Facebook?

High valuation from MS could slow recruiting in Silicon Valley

(Newser) - Microsoft's recently purchased stake in Facebook may make it harder for the social networking site to hire talented employees, reports the Wall Street Journal. By selling a 1.6% stake for $240 million, Facebook increased its valuation to $15 billion, in turn radically increasing the cost of stock options, which... More »

Law Firms Use 'YouTube Feel' in Recruiting

In bid to attract law student hires, videos play up hipness

(Newser) - Law firms are embracing the YouTube aesthetic in their attempts to hire law students as summer associates, creating promotional videos with stripped-down looks and irreverent themes, the New York Times reports. Some ads are simple testimonials from associates, while others take on popular advertising devices to emphasize the firms diversity... More »

5 Stories