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Homeowners Sue Contractor Who Faked His Own Death

Contractor did shoddy work then claimed to die in a car wreck

(Newser) - A Florida contractor has apparently come up with a morbid way of getting out of reimbursing angry clients. Mark Anthony Perez, 52, is being accused of botching renovations on an 825-square-foot home in Seminole, Fla., and then faking his own death to avoid the disgruntled owners, reports the Tampa Bay ... More »

Steve Bannon Once Ran an Eco-Experiment. It Didn't Go Well

Admitted in 1996 trial to calling female worker 'bimbo,' threatening to ram memo down her 'f---ing throat'

(Newser) - While Donald Trump's choice of "terrifying man" Steven Bannon as his chief strategist is causing wide denouncement , an ecological and sociological experiment he took part in more than 20 years ago is bubbling up, complete with lawsuits and allegations of threats and sexual harassment, reports the Arizona Republic ... More »

Suit: Video Catches Cops Making Up Charges

ACLU rep calls interaction 'unbelievable'

(Newser) - Michael Picard has made a hobby of driving through police DUI checkpoints and uploading dashcam footage to YouTube as a way to protest the set-ups and educate people about their rights. He just never imagined he'd catch officers fabricating charges against him, per a civil suit. Picard, 27, of... More »

Okla. Cop's Rape Victims Want Civil Suit

7 of 13 victims suing Daniel Holtzclaw, Oklahoma City in class-action suit

(Newser) - Attorneys for several women who accused former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw of sexual assault asked a federal judge on Monday to allow a civil case to move forward now that a jury found him guilty of rape and other charges. Attorneys for the women filed an application to... More »

'Clock Kid' Wants $15M and Some Apologies

Ahmed Mohamed's family threatens civil lawsuit

(Newser) - The family of "clock kid" Ahmed Mohamed hasn't exactly forgotten about his arrest in September . Their lawyer today sent letters to the city hall and school district of Irving, Texas, threatening to file a civil lawsuit within 60 days unless they receive apologies and $15 million in payments,... More »

Michael Brown's Parents Filing Civil Suit

City of Ferguson will also be named

(Newser) - A day after the Department of Justice cleared Darren Wilson in Michael Brown's shooting death, Brown's parents announced today that they'll be filing a civil suit, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch . The former Ferguson police officer and the city of Ferguson will be named in the wrongful... More »

Barking Dog May Cause Seattle Family to Lose Home

They ignored neighbor's lawsuit, lost default judgment

(Newser) - Cawper is a dog, and dogs like to bark, and he lives among humans, and humans like to sue, and thus we have the short version of how a Seattle family might lose their house. As KOMO reports, Seattle resident Woodrow Thompson filed a $500,000 civil suit against Cawper'... More »

Boy Records Kids Bullying Him, Gets Charged for It

Now his parents are pursuing a civil lawsuit

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania high school student who recorded alleged bullying on an iPad was punished for his efforts—and now his parents are fighting back. The 15-year-old boy, who has learning disabilities, recorded his tormenters in class after enduring regular bullying, his mother tells the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review . South Fayette High School... More »

Coach Sues Little Leaguer for $600K

But now says he'd drop the suit for an apology

(Newser) - A former California Little League coach is backpedaling after suing one of his players for more than half a million dollars. Alan Beck's suit claims that the 14-year-old "carelessly threw his helmet" while rounding the bases after a walk-off hit in March, KCRA reports. Beck says the helmet... More »

Justice Filing Suit Against S&P Over 2008 Meltdown

Feds will accuse firm of fraudulently rating mortgage bonds

(Newser) - The Justice Department and state prosecutors are filing a lawsuit against the Standard & Poor's Ratings Service for its apparent role in the 2008 financial meltdown, the New York Times reports. The civil suit will accuse S&P of rating mortgage bonds too highly before their value fell off... More »

Strauss-Kahn Settles Civil Suit

Figure rumored to be several million dollars

(Newser) - The saga of Dominique Strauss Kahn's alleged rape of housekeeper Nafissatou Diallo came to a close today, at least as far as the law is concerned, with Strauss Kahn settling a suit from Diallo for an undisclosed sum. Diallo arrived at a Bronx courthouse today wearing a leopard-print scarf,... More »

Credit Cards Hit Clients With 'Robo-Signed' Lawsuits

Courts flooded with cases based on slim or falsified evidence

(Newser) - Looks like mortgage foreclosures aren't the only things banks "robo-signed." A glut of credit card lawsuits is revealing that card issuers have the same tendency to use shoddy, incomplete, or erroneous documents against clients, the New York Times reports. Companies like American Express, Citigroup, and Discover have... More »

Lawyers Expect 500 Suits Against News Corp

Phone hacking scandal is going to get very expensive, both sides predict

(Newser) - News Corp has not yet begun to pay for its phone hacking ways. Lawyers for both the company and hacking victims estimate that the company could face 500 civil suits related to the scandal before all is said and done—which is a whole heck of a lot more than... More »

Judge Denies Strauss-Kahn Diplomatic Immunity

He'd already left the IMF when Nafissatou Diallo filed her suit

(Newser) - Dominique Strauss-Kahn can't get out of a civil suit from the housekeeper who accused him of sexually assaulting her by claiming diplomatic immunity, a judge ruled today, calling Strauss-Kahn's attempt to do so "his own version of a Hail Mary pass." Strauss-Kahn had already resigned his... More »

Virginia Tech Found Negligent in 2007 Rampage

School waited too long to send out warnings, says jury

(Newser) - Virginia Tech was found legally negligent by a jury today in a lawsuit stemming from the 2007 school shooting that killed 33 people. The issue at stake was whether the university improperly delayed sending out warnings after the first two murders were discovered in a dorm, reports AP . Campus police... More »

6 Cruise Survivors Sue for $460M

Lawsuits could sink Costa Concordia operator

(Newser) - Six surviving passengers from the Costa Concordia are suing Carnival Cruise Lines for a whopping $460 million—$10 million in personal damages, and $450 million in punitive damages. The suit was filed in Florida, where Carnival is based, by a lawyer who says he's part of a coalition representing... More »

Dead Accident Victim to Be Sued For Flying Body Parts

Court allows woman to sue estate of Chicago teen killed by train

(Newser) - An appeals court in Illinois has decided that a dead Chicago teen can be sued for injuries caused by his own flying body parts. The 18-year-old almost-passenger ran in front of a train in an attempt to catch another train and was hit by an Amtrak going 70mph. A big... More »

Charlie Sheen Wins $25M Warner Bros. Settlement

His firing from Two and a Half Men costing producers a bundle

(Newser) - Who's crazy now? Charlie Sheen is hammering out a settlement with Warner Bros. for his firing from Two and a Half Men amounting to $25 million, TMZ and the Los Angeles Times are reporting. The whacked-out actor filed a $100 million lawsuit for wrongful termination against Warner Bros. when... More »

Maid Sues 'Sadistic' Strauss-Kahn

Seeks unspecified damages in civil lawsuit

(Newser) - A hotel maid who accuses ex-IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault sued him today over what she calls a "violent and sadistic" attack that left her life "in shambles." Lawyers for Guinean immigrant Nafissatou Diallo wrote that Strauss-Kahn "intentionally, brutally, and violently sexually assaulted Ms.... More »

Lawsuit: Casey Anthony Must Reveal TV, Book Offers

Woman suing for defamation also wants psychological records

(Newser) - A woman suing Casey Anthony for defamation wants to get a sense of how much Anthony might be worth. Lawyers for Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez want Anthony to reveal all the TV, book, and other money-making offers she has received, reports the Orlando Sentinel . They also want Anthony to turn over the... More »

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