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UK Suicide Pact Pair Met in Person Just Hours Earlier

Woman was a regular on a suicide forum

(Newser) - Two Britons who died in an apparent death pact earlier this month may have been perfect strangers who met on a web forum, reports the Sun . Joanne Lee, 34, was a regular on a suicide forum, where she asked for advice on toxic chemicals and, at one point, begged for... More »

UK Cracking Down on Suicide Sites

Spate of copycat deaths sparks calls for tougher laws

(Newser) - A spate of apparent copycat suicides in a Wales town has lead to a nationwide campaign against suicide websites, the Guardian reports. Rumor has it that seven recent suicide victims in the town of Bridgend knew each other, and noted each others' deaths on a social networking site. Police are... More »

Suicide Takes A Communal Turn

Japanese groups gather in online chat rooms to plot very real suicides

(Newser) - Of all the things initiated in anonymous online chat rooms, group suicide has to be the most macabre. David Samuels explores  why hundreds of Japanese adults, previously unknown to each other, have gathered to die together in small groups, often asphyxiating themselves in cars by carefully placing charcoal burners to... More »

3 Stories