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Ukrainian Prez and PM Bicker as Kiev Burns

Nation nears financial default, so why not call an election?

(Newser) - It's been four years since Viktor Yushchenko, cheated out of an election victory, led Ukrainians in an "Orange Revolution" that seemed to portend a break with the Soviet past. But now Ukraine is paralyzed: the economy is in shambles, and Yushchenko and PM Yulia Tymoshenko are so... More »

Ukraine Prez Calls Snap Vote

President dissolves Parliament after pro-West rivals turn on each other

(Newser) - The president of Ukraine dissolved parliament yesterday and called a snap election, the third in less than three years for the former Soviet republic, reports the New York Times. Viktor Yushchenko, the pro-Western leader who came to power in 2004, said that his former ally, prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, had... More »

Ukraine Faces Early Election as Coalition Falls

Feuding between pro-Western leaders leads to collapse

(Newser) - The government of Ukraine collapsed today after a falling out between the country's two pro-Western leaders, Bloomberg reports. President Viktor Yushchenko pulled his party out of the government of PM Yulia Tymoshenko last week after she tried to strip him of some of his powers. While Tymoshenko could try to... More »

Tymoshenko Elected Ukraine PM

On second try, Orange Revolution leader wins ballot by a whisker

(Newser) - Ukraine's parliament elected Orange Revolution leader Yulia Tymoshenko as prime minister today. The pro-Western leader and fiery orator won 226 votes, the exact number needed to take office, after coming up one vote short last week, Reuters reports. Tymoshenko promises to try to open Ukraine to the West and wants... More »

Data Digger Arms Pols With Dirt on Voters

Gives scoop on your friends, arrests, finances, web habits

(Newser) - Political data miner Aristotle Inc has worked for every president since Reagan, 200 House candidates last year, and several current presidential hopefuls. Now the firm’s founder is debuting technology that breaks ground in accessing private information—revealing voters’ income, house value, conviction history, and even online behavior. One privacy... More »

Tymoshenko Falls Short in Ukraine PM Bid

Orange leader accuses rivals of foul play after losing by 1 vote

(Newser) - Orange Revolution heroine Yulia Tymoshenko fell 1 vote short of regaining her old job as Ukrainian PM today in contentious balloting that saw deputies fighting and throwing water at each other, Reuters reports. Tymoshenko immediately accused her rivals of cheating, but they said her Orange coalition—which held just a... More »

'Orange' Leader Set to Become Ukrainian PM

Tymoshenko wins ex-rival's nod for job she lost in 2004

(Newser) - Two months after Ukraine's parliamentary elections and 3 years after she was sacked from the same job, Yulia Tymoshenko is expected to become prime minister on Tuesday, Reuters reports. Although a Russia-aligned party won the most seats in October's polling, the two pro-Western "Orange" parties form a larger, if... More »

Russia Stiff Arms International Vote Monitors

Showdown looms with US & EU in bid to keep observers at a distance

(Newser) - Russia may be headed for another showdown with the US and the European Union over its proposals to severely limit the authority of international election monitors. The Kremlin wants to cut the number of observers and ban their reports from publication until after elections. The move comes just months before... More »

Ukraine Prez Orders Recount as Both Sides Claim Victory

Tymoshenko still seems on course to be PM

(Newser) - Ukraine's parliamentary elections have come down the wire, with Yulia Tymoshenko vowing to form an Orange coalition government and the pro-Russian party insisting that it has won the poll. President Victor Yushchenko, who took office after 2004's Orange Revolution, ordered a recount of votes in the county's south and east—... More »

Orange Alliance Claims Win in Ukraine

Dynamic, pro-Western Yulia Tymoshenko leading close electon

(Newser) - Yulia Tymoshenko, former prime minister and tempestuous ally to Orange Revolution leader Victor Yushchenko, has claimed victory in yesterday's Ukrainian parliamentary election. In votes counted so far, she’s won 33.15% of the vote, to current PM Viktor Yanukovych’s 31.02%, and plans to form a coalition government... More »

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