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10 Best Bookstores on Earth

From the Netherlands to Japan to L.A., a Guardian scribe picks his faves

(Newser) - Not all bookstores are mega-style these days. Some are even built in churches, theaters, and 19-century buildings. A Guardian scribe lists his top 10 booksellers worldwide:
  1. Maastricht, Netherlands: Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen. Owners converted an 800-year-old church into a divine bookstore.
  2. Buenos Aires' El Ateneo. Once a theater, its stage is
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10 Businesses Not Long for This World

Say goodbye to retail categories overtaken by modern reality

(Newser) - New technology is changing the business landscape as once-profitable ventures like record stores and used book shops close their doors forever. bets against 10 businesses that it says will be extinct by 2017:
  1. Record stores
  2. Camera film manufacturing
  3. Crop dusters
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2 Stories