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Former Concentration Camp to Become 'Party' Hotel

Montenegro's parliament approves plan for resort at Mamula

(Newser) - Thousands of people were held at Campo Mamula, an island concentration camp off Montenegro, during World War II, including 130 who died there. Soon, people will mostly go there to party. Despite protests from relatives of those imprisoned at the site, Montenegro's government has approved a plan to transform... More »

Chinese Firm Buying Fabled Waldorf Astoria

$1.95B deal is US hotel record

(Newser) - New York City's Waldorf Astoria, one of the world's most famous hotels, is being bought by a firm that isn't exactly a household name in the US: China's Anbang Insurance Group. The company is buying Hilton Worldwide Holdings' flagship hotel for $1.95 billion, more than... More »

Greece Dying to Sell $166M Luxury Resort

Astir Palace sale could help country stick with euro

(Newser) - In a desperate bid for cash, Greece is trying to sell off a famed seaside resort and meet requirements of its bailout package, Bloomberg reports. For sale is the 3.3-million-square-foot Astir Palace complex, which has housed guests such as Frank Sinatra and Jane Fonda since opening in 1960. Asking... More »

Swank Hotel 'Banned' John Travolta for Bad Behavior

And lawyer drops first masseur

(Newser) - The plot thickens in massage-gate : A masseur now claims that John Travolta was banned from the swank Peninsula Hotel in New York for bad behavior, the New York Daily News reports. His alleged habit of pulling off his towel, grinding on the table, and raising his butt on massage tables... More »

What Hotels Give You for $1,000 a Night

Big room, brilliant view, fawning staff ... you name it

(Newser) - What's $1,000 a night, when you can keep out the riff-raff, eat high on the hog, and get tickets to American Idol? That's the thinking these days at smaller chi chi hotels, where ultra-luxurious grand-a-night rooms are becoming more common, the Wall Street Journal reports. So just... More »

New Hotel Trend: Women-Only Rooms

Dukes in London is most recent to test the idea

(Newser) - In the new trend among high-end hotels, men need not apply. The ritzy Dukes in London is the latest to experiment with women-only rooms, notes Katy Holland at Aol . The idea is to cater to single females or women traveling in groups, and the no-boys-allowed rule applies even to the... More »

Slumber Like Louis XIV— in a Versailles Hotel Room

Dilapidated mansion to be reborn as 23-room luxury hotel

(Newser) - Wish you could live as grandly as Louis XIV—or at least as grandly as one of his right-hand men? You'll soon be able to. Versailles' Hotel du Grand Controle, built in the 1680s to house the offices and residence of the king's treasurer, will open its doors as a... More »

Woman Kills Son, 8, in Posh NYC Hotel: Cops

Socialite's child apparently OD's in failed murder-suicide

(Newser) - An 8-year-old boy was found dead today in a luxury hotel in Manhattan after his socialite mother apparently botched a murder-suicide attempt, police say. Gigi Jordan, 49, was taken to Bellevue Hospital after being found "babbling incoherently" in her $600-a-night room at the Peninsula New York on Fifth Avenue.... More »

The Best Hotel Minibars

(Newser) - If your big summer vacation isn’t complete without raiding the hotel minibar, has a list of the best the industry has to offer. A sampling:
  • The Delano, Miami: If you get lucky on South Beach, you’ll be glad for the condoms and other sex accessories alongside
... More »

Death Toll Rises to 11 In Pakistani Hotel Blast

(Newser) - The death toll in the suicide attack on a luxury hotel in Pakistan rose to 11 with at least 70 injured, reports the Times of London. At least two foreigners were among the dead at the five-star Pearl Oriental in Peshawar, though no more specific IDs were available. Still no... More »

Recession Pits Luxe Hotels' Owners Vs. Operators

(Newser) - The recession is igniting new hotel wars: not battles for customers, but between owners of luxury hotels and the properties’ operators, the New York Times reports. The owners are often struggling to keep up with big debt payments, hindered by a more than 16% average drop in hotel bookings across... More »

New Beijing Luxury Hotel Burns

(Newser) - A new luxury hotel in Beijing went up in flames today as nearby crowds watched  a fireworks show for the end of the Lunar New Year, CNN reports. An explosion of flames erupted from the top of the newly built, unoccupied building as fire engulfed all 44 stories. The cause... More »

Luxury Hotels Emerge as Terrorist Targets

Luxury establishments are becoming terrorist targets

(Newser) - The Mumbai attacks have provided world travelers with a new cause for concern, writes the New York Times: Increasingly, luxury hotels in developing countries are becoming terrorist targets. The raids on the Taj and Oberoi hotels come only 2 months after a car bomb blew apart the Islamabad Marriott, and... More »

Restored Jailhouses Rock as Trendy Hotel Destinations

Old schools, factories get facelifts too as hoteliers aim to attract upscale crowd

(Newser) - Taking aim at travelers who want more than just Wi-Fi or a pool, hoteliers are converting former prisons, schools, factories, and other odd sites into luxury hotels, Portfolio reports. Younger guests who travel for leisure are demanding distinctive experiences, and the unusual locations help hotels market their rooms in a... More »

Hotel Bristols Abound World Over, but Nobody's Sure Why

Scores of hotels worldwide have adopted name of British port city

(Newser) - From Panama to Paris to Poland, there are more than 200 hotels in the world called Bristol, and nobody's quite sure why, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some trace the name back to the traveling 17th-century Earl of Bristol, but a native of Bristol, England—itself bereft of a Hotel... More »

Hotels Suited to Campaign Trail

Whether in a swing state or a fave with young Hollywood, Obama and McCain can rest easy

(Newser) - Following the flurry of political press linked to hotel heiress and partier-in-chief Paris Hilton, campaign accommodation now requires serious vetting. Travel + Leisure plays candidate concierge, offering lodging suggestions for the presidential hopefuls:
  • Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas: For John McCain, red-friendly name and removed from the sinful Strip. For
... More »

World's 10 Sexiest Hotels

From spaceage to Japanese traditional, these rooms ooze appeal

(Newser) - Hotels can inspire us to do more than order room service and watch TV—or so Bill Tikos reports, in his London Times list of the planet’s 10 sexiest hotels:
  • Hotel Puerta America, Madrid: A private terrace with flowers and lemon trees creates a uniquely intimate ambience.
  • Bay of
... More »

Beijing Faces Glut of Hotel Rooms

Building frenzy before Olympics may have overestimated demand

(Newser) - Beijing’s newest construction binge may lead to a glut of rooms as hoteliers race to finish new properties before the Olympic Games begin in August, the Wall Street Journal reports. When the Games open, Beijing will have 50 five-star hotels, more than double the total of five years ago.... More »

For Hotels, Upgrades at Top Boost Bottom Line

Making suites even sweeter has trickle-down effect to lower income brackets

(Newser) - Luxury hotels are spending money to make money, but the dollars aren’t flowing into the average traveler’s quarters, the Wall Street Journal reports. With competition growing and demand for rooms lacking, hotels are burnishing their top suites—some costing $30,000 a night—hoping the added glitz will... More »

Best Hotels for Star Sightings

Tips on staying where the celebs stay, the world over

(Newser) - Ensure your vacation pics won't bore your friends by holing up in a lavish resort populated with A-list celebs. Travel+Leisure lists 10 hotels fit for the pages of US Weekly:
  1. George Clooney was spotted at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, where each 6,500-square-foot villa has a private courtyard with
... More »

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